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posted on 20th of august, 2009
Shooting panoramic images is not as difficult as you might think while admiring brilliant effects. One of our users, Imagestalk, recently
posted a short blog article with just a few examples taken from his portfolio. The response was - great images! And they are!

Although panoramas were possible to produce in analog era, it's so much easier now, with just a little help of some wise
software and just a bit of know-how, you should do wonders. Let me share my own experiences here:

1. More often than not, you'll be shooting far away objects. So, go to manual mode in your camera, do some test shots and adjust the settings

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Posted by Markbfowler on January 20, 2012
Thanks for sharing great information on panoramic images! I have two things to add: (1) I prefer an overlap of 60% - Why? Because sometimes the only way to save a composition is to throw away an image that just did not come out. And using an overlap of 60% allows for that. (2) I shoot hand-held because a tripod that is not exactly level will result in a curved horizon. No matter how "real" this is, it looks funny in the final composition and CS5, at least, has trouble lining these images up. It is, however, critically important that you line up the horizon manually from image to image. I choose some percent of the bottom of the image that marks the horizon, then keep my eyes on that same portion of the view finder on each picture taken.
Posted by Suebmtl on October 24, 2011
Very useful.
Thank you.
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on October 23, 2011
I submitted my first panorama a few weeks ago and it was accepted right away. Because of the nature of the photo it is editorial but it was a big boost just to know that it was welcome!

Comments (10)

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