What I learned from my Mom ...

posted on 3rd of february, 2010

When I was a little child, my mom was always used to find a way to make me eat the things I refused :)

Breakfast egg was in the salad at lunch or rice I did not eat was in a soup at dinner and nothing wasted !

What I recommend you never delete your images which are refused by admins. Use them in your creations again and again.

Create frames from them , use as color schemes, copy and paste to fill in some illustrations, or even better , use them creating abstract backgrounds.

Re-use them again and again ! Do not waste your work.
Sure do not try to fake the admins either. I am sure everyone here understands the difference.

Here I am going to give you a few samples of my own. Hope you like them

Thanks for reading

Comments (7)

Posted by Oseland on March 09, 2010
Thanks so much for such a wonderful idea!
Posted by Oseland on March 09, 2010
Thanks so much for such a wonderful idea!
Posted by Kaththea on February 05, 2010
Really great idea!
Posted by smartview27 on February 04, 2010
great idea!
Posted by Frantab01 on February 04, 2010
super duper idea - i've done that with a couple of my pics - will def try and find the time to research and learn photoshop better - i used to delete all pics i dont use or are not good enough - now before i delete them i'll see whether i could do something with them - thanks for the great tips :)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on February 03, 2010
Oh my, I am still such a newbie I never thought about it. Finding new ways to eat what is refused! Thank you:) My head is thinking....
Posted by Rosedarc on February 03, 2010
Excellent idea, I've done that sometimes but not enough... need more time!!!!

Comments (7)

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