posted on 9th of march, 2010

It's very ironic, that I would shoot an image depicting my very situation a month or 2 later. I've been shooting lots of Easter images as well, so I hope that bodes well!

However, I've never felt so close to images like I have to the above after the last financial year-end in February! Business has been good, but overheads terrible. Planning on supplementing and cushioning a bit with microstock this year, and already seeing promising results.

Wouldn't it be great if my studio's overheads could be covered by stock images, and the rest of my work make the money? Are any of you doing it yet?

Are any of you bringing home the bacon with stock yet?

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Posted by Jonvitalija on March 10, 2010
Not really, I wish too but is not happening. I'm like tan510jomast working all day and stock only as hobby.
Posted by smartview27 on March 09, 2010
It's place for more bacon!
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 09, 2010
i am sure it is possible to bring home the bacon with stock photography.
of course, you have to assign enough time to producing these images for stock to make ends meet.
my day job is as a freelance photographer, so i have very little time to assign to live on stock photography. and i do not intend to give up my "day job" just yet, simply because i earn more per hour than i do with stock photographer per month.
but if you are without a job or can assign a full 24/7 for mass producing stock photographs, i am sure you can earn enough...

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