Adobe CS5................. Anyone Here,,,,,,

posted on 8th of may, 2010

Well just downloaded Adobe CS5 Master Collection for Mac, its over 6 GB to download, (you can get the trial version from Adobe website).

Well it looks cool with some new features, but I'm wondering who is going to buy it, these guys launch new suites every 9 months, 6 months back I installed, CS4, I haven't used all the features in CS4, as the transition from CS3 to CS4 took some time. Now they already have CS5.

Anybody here is DT using CS5, share your experience here, first impression the icon which is in the dock of mac looks so ugly, wish they had kept the same icon of CS4.

Another thing I would love to share here, my mac book pro has CS3 Design Premium Middle East version, CS4 Master Collection and now CS5 Master Collection, and acrobat 9 professional, and everything works fine, don't worry to uninstall old version and install new version, I keep working on all the three version.

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Posted by Aginger on June 17, 2010
Hahh, good to you, Im still using CS2....
Posted by Ponytail1414 on May 12, 2010
I haven't even had CS4 for a year. They are just trying to make me feel bad haha.
Posted by Creativei on May 12, 2010
But I have noticed the CS5 is little slow than CS4, My HP work station and macbook pro both are having problems to load. Yeah some of the features are really cool.
Posted by Godfer on May 12, 2010
I am playing with the trial version! Its fun! I love the refine edge for selecting tricky hairs etc too! The content aware tool is ok and quick but leaves it a bit mucky so you need to do some extra cloning afterwards. I like its new layout and ease of using color picker etc!
Posted by Moonb007 on May 11, 2010
I am sticking with CS4 for now considering the price of upgrading every time
Posted by Martinedegraaf on May 10, 2010
I've seen it at work, and although the content aware fill does seem nice, I can do that myself cloning as well.
What I did love is the renewed edge selection tool for selecting bussy hair in a spectaculair way. With two sons with a head full of curls that would be nice to have. But I do not want to spend the $$ every time Adobe comes up with some new toys for us to play with... will still be CS4 for a while here ;)
Posted by Halient on May 10, 2010
I am playing with the demo for work and all I can say is wow, I have it on an old and its simply amazing

On a side note if you want to change the icon you can do that without a problem
Posted by Creativei on May 10, 2010
@Dessi, thats the good one, I think we need to push our friend out of coffe shop and take him to the next stage. :-)))
Posted by Creativei on May 10, 2010
Oh Mani, I thought you were very fast, i was expecting you already did some illustrations in CS5, Mani you are missing out if you didn't use the latest software.
Posted by Charon on May 08, 2010
For Photo editing purpose, CS1-4 are always enough. To shorten the learning curve, I usually ignore the new version and jump to the next next version directly.
Posted by Cncphotographylee on May 08, 2010
The new content aware fill in photoshop cs5 to remove unwanted problem areas seems to work well in small doses ... i love using it!
Posted by Littledesire on May 08, 2010
I have to try it out! Thanks for sharing, Altaf!
And do you know what Maen means with CS? Coffee Shop :)))) He doesn't like heavier versions like pubs and bars :))
Posted by Mani33 on May 08, 2010
I still work with CS!!! :)))
I'm not into installing heavier versions still! Sorry that's wasn't a useful experience to share :)))

Comments (13)

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