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posted on 22nd of june, 2010

As I mentioned in my last blog article > Re-keywording has to be done!, I am re-keywording my images now!
I can´t believe which keywords I´ve chosen in the past... :O
And now this means for me double the work!

So, please, don´t make the same mistake as I did! Always take and investigate the time to add precisely Keywords, a good Title & Descrition, and don´t forget to chose the right Categories!!! This is very important, because you can´t change the Categories later!!!

Thanks for reading!
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Posted by Ivdanu on September 09, 2013
I upload to some 5-6 micro stock agencies so it makes sense to take the time (YES!) and make a card with the title, description and keywords for each image I upload. That way I automatise (?) copy& paste the uploading and can use keywords from similar images to new ones...No big sales for now but I don't have yet 100 uploads...
Posted by Jeniicorv8 on June 24, 2010
This is something that has almost become a part of my process (if I remember). What I do is when I'm iffy about a submission or just plain in a hurry, I only put the minimum 10 keywords with the intent of going back when accepted. So, thanks, pal, for the reminder.
Posted by Jdanne on June 23, 2010
Yes, I'm still fighting with key wording and categories. Usually I do look for photos which are somewhat
similar to my downloads to get some "inspiration" as a starting point.

Probably native speakers find the correct keywords more easily but I'm not a native speaker.
Posted by Trottola on June 23, 2010
I keywords for my pictures, I like less to choose cathegories... but you're right they're really important ;)
Posted by Mani33 on June 22, 2010
I'm waiting for the precious news about sales on the photos that you've changed much in the keywords! Thanks again ;)
Posted by Egomezta on June 22, 2010
From time to time I do the same.... And also I can't believe the words i used in the past.... Good for your.... I hope you finish this soon.
Posted by Mariaam on June 22, 2010
Hi Brad! Yes, that could be a possibility. I totally agree with you, it´s better to get them right in the first place!
Posted by Bradcalkins on June 22, 2010
I believe you can e-mail support to change categories for an image, but it would be better to get them right in the first place :)

Comments (8)

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