SEO 101: Page Titles and Meta Elements

posted on 20th of july, 2010

In our ongoing series on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve covered almost everything that you can actually see on the page and how it impacts SEO. We’ve gone over the development of keywords and content and choosing the most effective domain name and URL structure. The last thing that is visible to the human eye is page titles, then we’ll start getting into the behind the scenes code that optimizes your site for search engines.

Page Titles

Since the majority of photography portfolio sites tend to rely on imagery more than text as content, what little text is contained on your site is very important when it comes to SEO. Titles, for starters, can really help to drive people to your site. First, what is a page title? The simple explanation is, the text that you see at the top of page or in the tab of your browser.

It is important that your page titles are unique, and that they contain as many keywords as possible. However, just as with your content, blatantly loading up too many keywords can get you blacklisted, so make sure that your titles are still more.

Learn more about the best ways to create page titles and how to optimize your portfolio site in order to increase traffic and potential customers at the Perception blog.

Comments (4)

Posted by Sobek85 on February 25, 2011
Some nice tips
Posted by Mariaam on July 21, 2010
Very interesting! Thanks for the info!
Posted by Jsternig on July 20, 2010
@Mani33 Thanks for commenting. As with anything, if you're greedy it's going to come back to bite you. Google is an intelligent beast, so you're absolutely right. It's important not to load up your META tags with spammy keywords. Instead, make sure that you utilize keywords that fit your content.
Posted by Mani33 on July 20, 2010
I agree with you that the META tags are so important to make traffic through search engines, but google has something unique about it... After some time they review the pages that have meta tags mismatching the real contents! And it's the way the site rank goes in higher or way behind!
So these factors are to use carefully with out spamming!
Thanks for sharing ;)

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