I enjoy the look and feel of GRUNGE

posted on 23rd of july, 2010

This technique offers me the ability to add texture to inherently textured elements of some of my images. It all depends on your Photoshop skills but you can apply this technique as you feel best suits your image and ability.

I have summerised each process and assume you are familiar with Photoshop techniques.

Start with an apropriate portrait of a textured face, or a textured object.

1. Duplicate Layer (Ctrl+J)
2. High Pass on this layer (Filter - Other - High Pass set around 10 to start)
3. Overlay - Blending mode ( Layers Dropdown)
4. Duplicate Background Layer and place it on top of other layers (Ctrl+J)
5. Desaturate this layer (Shift+Ctrl+U) set blending mode to "Soft Light" or "Hard Light" depending on preferences.
6. Flatten all layers
7. Duplicate new background Layer (Ctrl+J)
8. High Pass on the new layer (Filter - Other - High Pass set around 10 to start).
9. Set blending mode to "Overlay"

As indicated each layers effect on the overall look and feel of your image can be adjusted by changing the layers opacity (Fill). The end result can be as textured as you like.
By selecting and masking layers you can select areas of an image to apply this treatment to. Here is an example of an image I used

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Posted by Mikefoto on August 09, 2010
Thanks people
Every time I use this technique, I develop it further each time adding more layer options, of varying strength (opacity), using the overlay, soft and hard light options, desaturating different areas of the image by duplicating these selected areas etc, etc etc, the options are endless and rewarding.
Posted by Jianbinglee on July 28, 2010
Thanks !
Very useful and effective article! I am going to try it too.
Posted by Pinkerpie on July 28, 2010
Thank you for sharing this information! I am going to try it
Posted by Msurdin on July 25, 2010
I too have images rejected whenever I submit "creative" post processing techniques (e.g. HDR, or special effects from NIK, Topaz, OnOne ... ).
Posted by Mariaam on July 23, 2010
Grunge is cool! Thanks! Very useful article! :)
Posted by Antoinettew on July 23, 2010
Thank you for sharing. I will give it a try.
Posted by Mani33 on July 23, 2010
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by smartview27 on July 23, 2010
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Davulcu on July 23, 2010
Great tips , thank you
Posted by Maigi on July 23, 2010
Great article and great examples. Thanks! I like textured photos and I have tried to create some for microstock as well, but usually they get rejected for overfiltering. I have a feeling that agencies (I'm not talking only about DT, but overall) are more inclined to accept more "raw" photos and leave texturing and other effects for designers. But I love the look of your photos. These are great examples about postprocessing and how not to overdo it. Thanks for sharing!

Comments (10)

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Photo credits: Mikefoto.
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