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posted on 23rd of july, 2010

As I`m looking through different portfolios on this site I begin to realize more and more that the words from my title are true!
I`m not talking here about those people who do this for a job, the professional photographers, or painters! I`m talking about the people which are just discovering the world of always can find their souls in almost every photo that they take.
Watching at me and at my photos I realize now that anyone can figure out what kind of life I`m living, or in what king of places I like to go, or what hobbies do I have.
It`s simple! I have a bigger brother which is an officer in the army, and I have made myself a military school, that`s why I`m fascinating of the world that surrounds soldiers!

I have a small house in the mountains in Transylvania, where I love to go and have fun with my friends. I also love climbing and trekking, and sleeping outdoor in a tent or on the ground

I love reading, but for the moment I keep that passion just for me!:)
I love animals, all kind of animals : small, big, ugly, cute...

In conclusion I love many things from this world! You can easily deduct them by watching my photos! :)

P.S Tell me what you like! :)

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Posted by Thanatonautii on August 18, 2010
You are more than welcome at anytime! Just give me a buzz when you are coming :)
Posted by Tan510jomast on August 18, 2010
you live in a "small house in the mountains in Transylvania, have fun with friends climbing and trekking, and sleeping outdoor in a tent or on the ground ". OH LUCKY YOU. any extra place for one more tent? I do miss the outdoors and sleeping in a tent. Now all I see is concrete :(
Posted by Linqong on August 04, 2010
Nice shots!
I especially like the first one,cute dog!
Posted by Mariaam on July 23, 2010
Great and funny article!!!!

"I love animals, all kind of animals : small, big, ugly, cute... " LOL! :D
Posted by Egomezta on July 23, 2010
Great blog, Well according to what you said, I enjoy my work as a civil engineer and constructor, enjoy my family and like to travel, animals. and photography.
Posted by Mythja on July 23, 2010
i believe that's true. but...according to that i have no idea what i like. everything i guess. patterns, food, travel. everything i find interesting.
Posted by Mani33 on July 23, 2010
According to your theory I'm a big child that loves party, funny things & dealing with money :)))
Some how it's true! ;)

Comments (7)

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Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.
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