backyard trip

posted on 5th of january, 2010
Fortunatly I don't live in a big city,or I should better say that I live in a small village on the North of Italy,so get to do some great walks around and not far from my house with my dog and obviously with my camera.

So during one of the last ones,I focused on:

1) a rose frozen in the snow:

2) I started going after a track left by a tractor in the snow

3) I ended finding out an ice slab with its curious texture

4) finally I couldn't forget the one who was next to me during all this cute dog: Nian

so without moving from my house,here it's a small but cute trip a did lately

cheers you all!...

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Posted by Yuritz on January 07, 2010
thanks...hope for some other pictures to take and great walks!
Posted by Wildmac on January 07, 2010
Excellent shots! And the bonus of a nice walk with your dog. Imagine what you might find in other seasons :)
Posted by Yuritz on January 06, 2010
yeah,it was...and we're not really used on it!

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day trip (part two)

posted on 25th of january, 2010
last time was about an afternoon spent going around my white backyard because of the snow;this time a shot trip to a lake and the city near it that are not far from my here we're:

1) a look through the keyhole to start the walk:

2) the lake with its reflections,its quietness...such a peaceful place:

3) well ok...even some candies to eat during the walk:

4) the ancient city I went to visit (Vittorio Veneto):

5) last shot by the lake,half in the dark... and time to go back home:

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Posted by Ponytail1414 on February 01, 2010
Looks like a great day, and a profitable one.
Posted by Yuritz on January 26, 2010
for Fultonsphoto: I saw your pics and where you live and it looks like you have some amazing places and landscapes around you
Posted by Fultonsphoto on January 26, 2010
Looks great where you live, no such lakes etc here.

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