Lens not wide enough - why not create a panorama (free tool)

posted on 5th of october, 2010
My first experience with stitching photos into panoramas/mosaics was using the Canon PhotoStitch application. It has come along way since I first used it in 1999 however, still seems to struggle with many stitching scenarios, especially if the photos are not captured panning about a perfect axis. I am sure the proper way to do this is to buy a purpose-built pan head, such as Manfrotto's 303 Precision QTVR Panoramic Head. Personally I find that too much gear to carry for most of my travel photography.

I have since found Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (ICE). It is a free application that produces panoramic images from sequences of photos. I have not had ANY failed attempts at this point with great quality TIFFs to show for very...

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Posted by Bevanward on October 12, 2010
Thanks everyone for the comments and details - happy panoramas. Bevan
Posted by Onime on October 10, 2010
Very informative, thanks for sharing. Its very useful.
Posted by Virgilxxn on October 09, 2010
Nice one, thanks for sharing

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Ceilings, surfaces, textures and patterns (a small collection)

posted on 12th of october, 2010
I'm often finding myself looking up at ceilings, developing a cricked neck! I think for the amount of attention to detail that goes into the construction of ceilings, and any surface for that matter, it is a shame we don't spend more time admiring them. Below is a collection of some that I've taken about the place that I thought is worth sharing.

I found myself laying in the middle of the floor in the Salt Lake City Capitol building recently, positioning my camera to get the chandelier in the center of the dome. Was certainly happy to have live view for that one!

Other ceilings that I've enjoyed/enjoy is the stained glass ceiling of the Catholic Church in Brasilia.

Timber and...

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Posted by Haslinda on February 03, 2011
Hey, when you were lying on the floor, was there anyone staring or shooing you out? I was at a museum recently and loved the ceiling glass dome. Want to come back and re-shoot but I don't think they will allow me to lay on the floor!
Posted by Bevanward on October 14, 2010
Thanks everyone for your supportive comments - good luck with the sales :-)
Posted by Egomezta on October 13, 2010
Amazing images, Wow!!!

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Visualise disk space used (free utility)

posted on 24th of october, 2010
Thought it was appropriate that I share a useful windows utility that I use regularly to show where space has gone on my laptop harddisk or an external disk. It is a free utility that you don't have to install so there is no penalty in trying it. You end up finding all sorts of application left-overs, old backups, etc that you can bin and save space. I just keep a short-cut to it on my desktop and use it once in a while to see where my space has gone. My last effort identified a whole lot of HDR working files that I had not deleted, over 20 GB.

To download have a look here ...Spacesniffer

I wonder what other utilities do people out there use?

Perth, Australia City photos

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Posted by Bevanward on October 26, 2010
Thanks for the lovely comments. Glad that the tool has been of assistance to some. Happy shooting bevan
Posted by Egomezta on October 25, 2010
I'll try it... Thanks.... nice images by the way.
Posted by Mariaam on October 25, 2010
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

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