Frequent Refunds

posted on 16th of october, 2010
I've been having more and more refunds lately, mainly subscriptions.

I've read a few threads about this problem; we really need a solution from DT. I go crazy when I think someone has downloaded my file and still has it after the refund. In case of credit card fraud, I don't think there's much ethically to prevent the downloader from bypassing all copyrights agreements.

Yesterday, I got 2 refunds, and today a whole 10 at once. Previously, many many more. This is outrageous. I highly doubt it's the quality of my work & I highly doubt that someone would download 10 files by mistake. Please if it's a test - would the admins let us know beforehand?!

I thought of contacting support but then again, there's a lack of blogs about this, so it...

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Posted by Georgeskyrillos on March 11, 2011
It certainly doesn't and it happened again & again to me after this blog, but still no reply.
Posted by Sobek85 on March 11, 2011
This doesnt sound good. needs to be sorted
Posted by Digitalexpressionimages on October 30, 2010
Wow, I had no idea about this. It's never happened to me but it's BS anyway. Quality shouldn't be an issue since DT rejects work that's not up to snuff. If credit card fraud is the problem then it's up to the credit card companies to deal with not DT. If someone decides they didn't really want the image they downloaded then it should be "tough luck". There's an old rule in Canada: Buyer beware. Refunds should not come out of the Photographer's pocket.

Why is it always the photographer that gets the short end of the stick?

Comments (21)

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