Eureka : lessons learned in reaching $1000 today.

posted on 2nd of november, 2010
This is not a boast although naturally I am pleased that today I reached earnings of $1000 and I haven't withdrawn a cent yet. I joined Dreamstime in the Spring of 2009 and it took a while to get the first image accepted. Then I believed wrongly that scenic images would sell well and went on holiday taking loads of pictures many with identifiable people in them, got no model releases and damaged my acceptance ratio until at one point I was only allowed to submit 3 images per day.
After studying the best sellers of other members I gradually realised that concept images were better sellers. Here are some that have done well for me :

Gradually I improved my acceptance ratio but as I got close to $1000 and 977 images my desperation...

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Posted by Gennaro86 on November 30, 2010
Good picture! Good blog! Congratulations!!!
Posted by Williamardrey on November 26, 2010
Thank yo so much for your encouragement and tips. I feel I learn something new every day by reading insightful blogs like yours.
Posted by Sammyer on November 22, 2010
Congratulations, and thank you very much for sharing. I will keep this in mind as i am a noob. lol Great job on your images as well.

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Thoughts upon reaching 1000 images on line.

posted on 27th of november, 2010
Three weeks ago I received my Dreamstime check for $1000 but was 50 images short of 1000 so thinking about it I decided to invest in hiring a model. I wanted to capture images of the quality of these four which I envy.

So I visited a web site of a local studio and found the e-mail address of a well experienced model....... she had a lot more experience than I required !! I bought in flowers and a red umbrella and couldn't wait for the appointed day. I even bought high power cool lights and studio umbrellas. Unfortunately the model had an accident and went into hospital, sad for her, and disappointment for me.

However improvise is a favourite word of mine so I got a male colleague to pose for a few images in my...

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Posted by Linqong on December 07, 2010
Useful article!!!
Posted by smartview27 on December 05, 2010
Posted by Davidwatmough on December 05, 2010
William I offered £100 for a whole day and hoped to end up with at least 50 usable images. I offered her the train fare as well. David.

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