being exclusive

posted on 4th of november, 2010
Let's talk some about it today,being exclusive on Dreamstime or another agency,is it really worth?

First of all I should say I haven't the experience to say yes or no,but have taken a look to some blogs lately and lots of people were on the same track.
What I learnt by reading those blogs is that it depends on you,your needs,what you expect from this world "the stock one".

If you're someone who just uploads few pictures in a month,then you should become exclusive with an agency,you'll be paid more for the few pictures you get to upload;but if you think to make this your own business or you can uplaod enough pictures in a month (around 100 or more) then it's not really the better way of going.
I say this because you have more opportunities by selling your...

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Posted by Davulcu on November 21, 2010
As an exclusive contributor who is uploading 100 images / month I think to work for other agencies too... Exclusivity is a great opportunity to improve skills and learning the industry and feeling at home just with one agency. I love DT more than all others I must confuse. But I must earn more too...
Posted by Maigi on November 05, 2010
You are so right about calculating pros and cons before making such a big decision. Today's microstock is way different from microstock 5 years ago. It's harder and harder to get your images accepted, and I think it would kill me if I would have stayed exclusive and got so many rejections as I receive now. But now I'm just happy I can upload my images on other sites as well, and they sell. Since I dropped exclusivity, my income has doubled. And I have discovered some satisfying ways to display and sell my art via other medium. So, it's an exciting journey. But if stock photography would have been just an hobby for me, I think I would have stayed exclusive to Dreamstime. It's a best place to be exclusive, if you want to be exclusive. Less worries and keywording, uploading time for sure. Good luck everyone! The best thing is to find your place in this crazy world.
Posted by FabioConcetta on November 05, 2010
I am exclusive with DT, because I started a short time and place very few pictures, so I found my convenience!

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Another milestone

posted on 15th of november, 2010
Today or should say last night I finally sold my 300 picture and it was one of the pics I uploaded around an year ago

Sometimes when I look at my solds I think I'd have done it better,or when I check my uploadesI'd like them to be all accepted;but looking at them after an year it makes me think I could have taken in a better way,with a different setting,point of I said long time ago,this is an hobby and I'm pretty new to this World,so as everything else,it always takes a while to understand how things properly works.
I'm now looking to try to fit a bit better the requests from the editors,to stay original,but learn from the others what are the needs here.
Here are my three best sold untill now:


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Posted by Yuritz on November 17, 2010
thank you all and good sales to you too! :)
Posted by Rafalstachura on November 17, 2010
Well done! :)
Posted by Scottysally2 on November 16, 2010
Congratulations! Wish you many more sales. :)

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