Why Are You a Photographer?

posted on 4th of december, 2010
>My part of the world is called "Wisconsin” and it snowed here last night. Barely a dusting but enough to be warned of what the coming season would be. The dairy farms, for the most part, have their silage stored for the winter, the manure spread across the fields and worked back into the earth, and the waiting begins for the next spring.

Wisconsin is not a constant, it has its own regions that contrast greatly; Industrialized urban centers, pine forests, and of course, the farmland devoted to dairy.

Mountains and desert and tropical climes are not found here, and that makes Wisconsin unique from the rest of the world, but that makes the rest of the world unique in its own right. No one place can claim superiority over another though each is special.

As a photographer, I get to photograph this...

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Posted by Yuritz on December 20, 2010
agree with you,sometimes there is the stock world on one side and what you feel and see in front of nature or a subject on the other hand;they're both worth in a different way,but an intimate photo is what keeps the art in this part of world
all great pics,congratulations
Posted by Kittycat on December 07, 2010
Beautiful images. Congrats to you.
Posted by Bevanward on December 07, 2010
Great portfolio and blog - thanks for sharing.

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Top 10 Posts from Yuri Arcurs I'd Like to See

posted on 20th of december, 2010
>For those who know anything about the business of online stock, they will agree that the world's greatest stocker is Yuri Arcurs. [link=http://www.dreamstime.com/Yuri_arcurs_info]

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Posted by Place4design on August 29, 2011
Very funny :)
Posted by Thomasd1962 on August 17, 2011
I'm a brand new user of Dreamstime, just bought 4 images - 2 were Yuri's. Love his stuff already! Soon there will be tourists in my pretty rural Australian town getting inspired by our new wellbeing brochure...with Yuri's beautiful work on the cover. :-)
Posted by Hunor83 on August 11, 2011
very funny! :-)

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