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New pictures - February 7, 2010

posted on 7th of february, 2010
Hello everyone,
we did not feel a bit '... in fact I was a little' taken from rearranging a bit 'of images, so I have not had much time to write something.

Well well well ... I present you my new pictures approved by dreamstime

As always, I try to give variety in what I create in order to satisfy every kind of designers' desire. Among these pictures I was particularly struck by the curiosity unleashed "My Venus", observed in a few days but never downloaded almost 300 times (who knows. ... Maybe for the Women's Day someone will use it).

Particularly suited to the period, if there is still some laggard who has not thought about Valentine's Day - for those who celebrate ... I am single by choice - is "king...

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Posted by Gheburaseye on February 17, 2010
Thank you Yuri. Also your photos are very beautiful (specially the carnivals' masks) ;-)
Posted by Yuritz on February 17, 2010
really like the graphic ones!
Posted by Gheburaseye on February 08, 2010
thank you Jezper :-)

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International woman's day

posted on 10th of february, 2010
The eighth of March is International Woman's Day (commonly called "Women's Day").

Are you searching for an image for this event? Are you searching for an image that has as its main theme the mimosa? Here is a selection from my portfolio! :-)

I hope not to be late with these suggestions and I hope to be helpful :-)

Soon, G.E.

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Posted by Gheburaseye on February 11, 2010
Thank you Keki! It's true: women's day it's important, but we have to remember the values of that day everyday, all year, and apply them not only to women but to all people, no matter what sex or color they are.
Posted by Gheburaseye on February 11, 2010
Thank you Dvragfoto! I also wait for spring, I'm a little bit tired of a cold without snow!
Posted by Dvargfoto on February 10, 2010
Wau! It's beautifully!
P.S. I wait spring..... :)

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New pictures - February 18, 2010

posted on 17th of february, 2010
>I present you the new images uploaded in the last days on Dreamstime.

Yes, I admit it: I'm starting to discover the programs for creating vector images. They are great programs, but images I find aseptic... cold...but with some effect the final result improves.

As always, for the other images you can see my portfolio (I'm sure you’ll find something right for you).

For each request you can contact me at gheburaseye@gmail.com.

For the rest, all the images are more or less like the others ... I don’t write much today because I have a big headache (the weather will be changing. ... I WANT SPRING, AZZZZZ)!.

Ah, spring ... another month and we will be in the spring ... the time when nature wakes up, giving an electric shock to our hormones, making them crazy ... ok, I have to be quiet,...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Gheburaseye on February 18, 2010
Thank you all! Today it's quite warm and the sun shines happily!
Today I'm calm, but I need something else to relax me totally!

Wildmac, if you are searching for winter and cold, maybe you could change hemisphere for some weeks :-)
Posted by smartview27 on February 18, 2010
All my friends and everybody I know want spring! It was a very harsh winter and last sunday I offered the first snowdrops! Today I hope you are calm...
Posted by Frantab01 on February 18, 2010
I want spring too - sun is shining today to hopefully horrible winter is nearly over for us :)

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200 images!

posted on 26th of february, 2010
Hi everybody :-)))

I present you the new images uploaded in the last days on Dreamstime.

Finally I have 200 pictures in my portfolio and I am very happy with that. I hope to continue like this and soon reach the peak of the 1000 images, perhaps by the end of this year ...

Now is the time to increase downloads: Change the titles of images, increasing the relevant tags, try and develop themes, "show that I am here" writing ... I can’t think of another way to increase the downloads, for less, at the moment I can’t think of more! (I accept suggestions!).

It’s raining here today ... I like the rain, not because it brings sadness, but rather because it seems to wash the dirt in this world many people have...

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Comments (6)

Posted by Gheburaseye on February 27, 2010
Thank you all :-)
Posted by Py2000 on February 26, 2010
Posted by Justmeyo on February 26, 2010

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