The One "M" and Five "W's" of Travel

posted on 21st of march, 2010
Travel, there's nothing quite like it. If you've never done it before though and are branching out from virgin territory, or you are a rookie looking to become a novice, the thought of it can be quite intimidating. Here are the basics that everyone can consider, just like we learned in elementay school, the five "W's" and one "M" to help make your trip planning easier. There are hundreds of factors besides these ones though. It depends on the group. Traveling as a female, or if you are gay or have a disability, as a minority..etc. opens up a hundred more things to look at. EVERYONE can travel but there needs to be many things looked into before the trip (more to come on this subject soon....). However let's start at the very beginning. Let's start with the "W's"....

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Posted by Angelaostafichuk on March 22, 2010
Thanks for all the wonderful feedback...there is much much more o come about traveling...manners included!
Posted by Almaterra on March 22, 2010
Travelling is a wonderful activity or hobby...
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 21, 2010
I am an intrepid traveller too. and i like to add another vital M.
M- Manners.
many tourists forget, esp those who are visiting poorer countries, to remember their manners . Respecting the country's customs and general ettiquette are most times forgotten . This create lots of locals resent tourists for their arrogance or uncouth behaviour (such as walking into restaurants without their shirt, or worst i've seen, in 1994 at Jaco Beach Costa Rica, a foreigner man coming into a local soda wearing only his jock strap swimsuit to make every woman there , both foreign and local, feel like throwing up )..
I travel alot, and whenever I visit, I am always surprised by the compliment I get from the local folks when they tell me (in their language, yes I make it an effort to speak the language too) that I am "not like the typical tourist" because I am "polite", "kind", "respect the locals",etc.
yes, M - Manners can open a lot of doors when you visit someone else's country. we M-ust never...(More)

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Color My World

posted on 25th of march, 2010
>It all started with a box of crayons, but doesn't everything really? Give a person of any age more colors then black and white and all of a sudden they have choices. My poison? The 96 pack of Crayloas. With names like "Tickle me pink" and "Wild blue yonder" my world suddenly opened through those 96 shades. However, being 22 and having one year left in University it wasn't really cool to be sitting in class drawing swoops and lines, mixing and clashing colors. I always, always though, colored within the lines. My little secret was kept safe. On dates I quietly hid my multi-colored masterpieces behind the piano, and when friends came over, I would blame my artistic "abilities" on my youngest cousin. I hid, it, and hid it well, until that summer my world was changed when I decided to travel to Western...

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Posted by Elianehaykal on March 26, 2010
How fresh, dreamy, & incredibly nice this blog is!
Posted by Anhong on March 25, 2010
A very good article. A beautiful dream. Dream there will be a miracle.

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