The UK Election.

posted on 25th of april, 2010
For months I have been trying to build up a portfolio of images related to the Westminster Parliament in London in preparation for the election in May.
I am very politically minded because I don't want the party which landed us in the present crisis to hoodwink the public into believing it is best placed to dig us out of the financial hole.
Rising debt means we like the Greeks are all poorer and after the election taxes and prices will rise rapidly on everybody in work.
So which is ever government is returned borrowing will have to be cut,

Of course in an important election where new faces are needed with new ideas and ministers prepared to tell the truth every vote counts.


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Comments (4)

Posted by Chrisrawlins on April 28, 2010
Some nice concepts. Hopefully, people will see them and use them for the coming election.

You're covered a lot of possibilities and this election is abound with possibilities - good luck with sales - you deserve some for these.
Posted by Tangie on April 27, 2010
I like politics and I am very mad at politicians by default :). You should try politics in our country and see how maddening politics can get.
Posted by Almaterra on April 26, 2010
I like politics, but I am very sad when people needs are not really supported

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