Ramadan on DT

posted on 1st of august, 2010
Muslim's holly month of Ramadan is coming up after some days!
If you search DreamsTime with the word Ramadan you will find lots of images of people, scripts of the holy Quran, calligraphy, food, events, mosques, candles & even cannons!

So what is it all about by the end?!

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar calendar & it's holly for the Muslims because it's the month when prophet Mohammad started to learn Quran inspired by God. And it's the month that Muslims were ordered to go fasting (for who doesn't know what is fasting... It's no eating, no drinking, no bad manners or insults & no sexual relationship from sun rise to sun set...)

That's why you see some images of the holy Quran script & messages of greeting Ramadan Kareem (Blessed Ramadan)...

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Posted by Mani33 on August 19, 2010
Thanks Mat ;)
Posted by Tan510jomast on August 18, 2010
Mubarek... I love those photos of the ladies in their traditional clothes. So lovely.
Posted by Mani33 on August 16, 2010
Ok here is the collection I made... :)

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Free Images Q&A

posted on 11th of august, 2010
Many questions & opinions are going around the fact that there is a Free Section on DT & the fact that photographers are not paid any minimum cents by giving for free...!

I wanted to answer the question made in a recent blog & I found my self over writing! So in order not to give incomplete answer, I'm writing you this...


A Marketing strategy, competing with the other establishments in the same field. When the offer is high & the demand is low, some measures has to be taken to attract clients, commercials, publicity, promotions, merchandising, gifts & free stuff...
Microstocks world is not different from any other industry, it faces the competition with one of these Marketing strategies!
In specific DreamsTime is competing...

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Posted by Mani33 on August 22, 2010
Thank you! :)
Posted by Swamin on August 21, 2010
thanks for sharing. i know somthings about free images but not as detail as you explained MANI. thanks.
Posted by Mani33 on August 17, 2010
If you say so! :P

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posted on 23rd of august, 2010
As it's the pleasure of every photographer to find his image used online. And as many of you would like to share us this finding here on DT & the social networks like facebook, I came up with an idea that could gather all these images in one place, to be a reference for everyone (Buyers & photographers).


WhereAboutPhotos.com is my early stage project that I was able to finish today...
It contains two sections:

1- Buyer section: Where buyers can find tips & useful information about Microstocks prices & which are the best offers in the market comparing an apple with an apple!

I'm happy to say that DT is the best...

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Posted by Antoinettew on September 21, 2010
I located it! Thank you Maen.
Posted by Mani33 on September 21, 2010
Done Antoinettew! Thanks ;)
Posted by Antoinettew on September 21, 2010
Sorry, little mistake. Here is the right link:


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100 sale! PHEW

posted on 26th of august, 2010
Hello guys,

Tonight I'm not bothering you with any long blog!

Just would like to share you my happiness with my 100th sale, that was made with 15 credits & $7.21 in revenue!

It's really a great feeling to have this milestone with a big sale!

Remember it's always worth it to participate in the assignment!

Thanks for the buyer & thank you DT!

Thanks all for sharing me this! Cheers :)

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Posted by Mani33 on September 26, 2010
Thanks Breakers!
Posted by Breakers on September 25, 2010
Posted by Mani33 on September 22, 2010
Thanks Fablic! Best of luck for you also :)

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posted on 29th of august, 2010
I would like to draw a smile on your faces this morning as it did to me! Enjoy! :)

It's an agreement wherein a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master!

The only time when some married men ever get to open their mouth!

A curve that can set a lot of things straight!

A place where divorce comes before marriage!

The name men give to their Mistakes!

The hydraulic force by which masculine will power is defeated by feminine water-power!

The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody...

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Posted by Ziss on January 03, 2011
Ha-ha! :) Just noticed this Blog. Very interesting! :)
Posted by Mani33 on September 24, 2010
Good point made your brother Clayton :))
Posted by Conceptualcreations on September 24, 2010
LOL Maen! My brother was shown an image of a glass that was measured at the halfway point and asked "is the glass half full or half empty?" His answer was, "I don't care about all that; I just want to know what's in it!"

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