Whitespace that should not be white

posted on 8th of september, 2010
>Much talk has been about whitespace or copyspace in images - designers prefer it and photographers like to emphasize their subjects with it.


Whitespace should not be white. Why? Because if it is white, it is just empty. Empty space that makes the file (look) big, but in reality only makes the designers pay more for nothing. If you isolate your shots, then you should crop tightly around it, making the image as big as actual information in the image and not more. It seriously is not fun to pay for XXL size, if the usable image in it is only worth Medium credits.

Reviewers take it into account as well, but it is really the education for contributors, in order to avoid ill rejections.
If there is an uniform tone in the background, we advise to treat it the same as white,...

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Posted by Upwardway38 on February 19, 2014
All of the "lessons learned" advice on your site is extremely useful. Thanks for passing it on...
Posted by Jarihin on January 18, 2012
That was new situation for me. I sell same isolated photos also from the stock where customer can bye only one size original file. Price and size is there always same.

Sorry my bad english, I hope you understand :)
Posted by Hunor83 on January 04, 2012
Thank you for advice!

Comments (44)

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