Secrets of the Stock Industry Revealed!

posted on 2nd of september, 2010
>Would you like to know some of the secrets of the stock industry that will make you stand out amongst the rest? Do you want to have a reputaion with the Reviewers? Are you looking for a certain kind of success with your images? Do you want to make a huge impact on your earnings? Well, look no further, this blog will tell you everything you need to know.

Stock is all about the image. Therefore, who you are in stock is defined by what you submit. And that's the question: What kinds of images should you submit? What will set your portfolio apart from the rest? What can you do to be noticed by the Reviewers? Better yet, what will convince Buyers that they should use your images?

I have created a list of images that you should seriously study. Once you have studied this list, I will gurantee that you...

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Posted by Jdanne on February 13, 2013
My first tomato photo is accepted! Luckily the Chinese farmers didn't call the ambulance when I rotated around this pile and made a complete 360 degrees shooting from each degree - with flash, without flash and happily jumping (:-.

 Pile of Tomatoes 
Posted by Joezachs on April 06, 2011
How come I missed this blog.
No wonder my portfolio is not growing.
Now where is that Tomato......
Or better still, I have a cellphone.....if only I can now locate a smiling girl to hold that......
Posted by Serjedi on January 18, 2011
Is not funny, this blog is very serius! :-)

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Primary Images versus Secondary Images

posted on 23rd of september, 2010
>Which would you rather have? A hundred images that will earn 100 sales per year or ten images that also have the potential for earning 100 sales each year? That is the difference between Primary and Secondary images.

Primary images are those "winners" in your portfolio that have steady sales and slowly climb up the levels. Secondary images therefore are the ones that sit for a long time before they ever see a sale, and that's IF they will ever see a sale.

What is a Secondary image? Essentially, they are snapshots, images well covered in the database, or images that are average or below average in how they communicate a concept. Many Secondary images are actually extremely well done photographs but still may never get a sale because of competition.

If you're standing in front of the Great Pyramids...

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Posted by Xiaofeng123 on October 18, 2010
I am the second.
Posted by Melonstone on September 25, 2010
Thought provoking blog that encouraged a review of my port to assess my uploads and think forwards!
Posted by Wisconsinart on September 24, 2010
Wisconsinart, another good enrty! I like your blog. But, you seem to be developing an unhealthy hostility toward pictures of tomatoes.

The isolated tomato has become a stock cliche. Stack of coins, sky and clouds, and the list goes on. For the time you spend on shooting images like these, you could probably make more money looking for aluminum cans along the highway. It's just amazing how many photographers have yet to realize that.

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