People and Activities collection!

posted on 9th of february, 2011

Hi everybody, I would like to invite contributors to add pictures to a new collection I started recently.
The content shows people in different activities, playing, working, etc.

Let me know witch photos you would like to share replying with the picture ID so I can add them. This way I can increase exposure of my small but growing portfolio! (and of course you will increase your exposure too)

Here's the link to it:

Thank you!

Comments (16)

Posted by Lindamstyle on February 15, 2011
Allow me to propose this one as well: 17777856. It's an assignment image I made it especially for the last assignment.
Posted by Vilaimages on February 11, 2011
So cute...thanks Lindamstyle!
Posted by Lindamstyle on February 11, 2011
How about this one: 18143766?
Posted by Vilaimages on February 11, 2011
Thank you Cbomers!
Posted by Cbomers on February 11, 2011
The following images may suit your collection as well:
* 17251260
* 16656524
* 15506071
* 15499687
Posted by Vilaimages on February 10, 2011
Excellent! that makes five of us, so the collection should be public! thanks Rosedarc.
All contributors are welcome to add more photos!!
Posted by Rosedarc on February 10, 2011
Here are a couple of mine 18149142, 18149136!
Posted by Vilaimages on February 09, 2011
Great! thanks Bradcalkins
Posted by Bradcalkins on February 09, 2011
Here are a few: 5541163, 6928669, 7853796, 17639780, 5536910
Posted by Vilaimages on February 09, 2011
Thank you Egomezta!
Posted by Egomezta on February 09, 2011
Great collection, my images that could interest you are:
* 16833183
* 14899830
* 14115646
* 11921141
* 15519388
* 15764763
* 17735522
Posted by Vilaimages on February 09, 2011
Cool, very hard working people! Thank you!
Posted by Thanatonautii on February 09, 2011
Maybe some people working for your collection :)
   Two men and a horse plowing and sowing   
   Old men carrying a pile of grass   
   Cute girl working in the garden   
   Two men working the land   

Thank you!
Posted by Mariaam on February 09, 2011
Nice collection and good idea!
Posted by Vilaimages on February 09, 2011
I read that after 5 different contributors have images in your collection it becomes public for buyers looking for the specific subject. I imagined that the contributors had to do this themselves, guess I was wrong, my bad.
I will add them with the picture ID, thanks for your reply.
Posted by Infotrontof on February 09, 2011
Can we actually do that? .. I mean add to YOUR collection(?)

Comments (16)

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