Making of objects with vector shapes

posted on 10th of february, 2011

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and try to create simple work on a hard way.But then I'm learning useful technique and create patient person from myself.What you agree is must have if you work with 2d and 3d graphics particularly.It is a challenge for me to create masterpiece with simple tools.In 3d modeling you have polygons or nurbs curves.You create shape,then give your object the materials and textures,and create your testing image renderings.For large resolution renderings from 3100x2200px for example you will need depending on materials or polygon numbers from 3-5 hours sometimes 8 hours for calculating all rendering parameters.Now let's talk about creating this images with vector shapes in inkscape open source software.I'v took a picture of mobile phone I found attractive to me.I created main panels of the phone and filled it with solid colors first.I saw on my photo there are so many reflections,gradients and transparency materials.So to make it all with vector shapes I'v been using a lot's of shapes to create it more realistic looking.Gradients and transparency effects are dominating.Sometimes you must create shape over shape.Also sometimes you need to blur more shapes to achieve blurry reflections or soft shadows.Those effects kills your computer's processor. It took me about 3-4 hours from start to final.It was good for me to break from 3d modeling routine,practice my patience and to achieve it similar to photo reference with much simpler tools,then 3d software.I like to create realistic renderings with 3d software,but also I admire to the people who create realistic images with much simpler tools.As some people say it is not matter the tool you have,it matters more what you can do with this tool,and to know how to use it in every situation.There are limitations for some tools,so also you need to know how to improvise it sometimes if you can.For me it is good to know 2d and 3d graphics so I could combine them in my projects.I hope you will like it my blog and my works.You can also put your comments,critics and suggestions.

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Posted by Joezachs on February 10, 2011
Very true about that.
It is not the tools that matter, but how you use your tools.
Posted by Rolmat on February 10, 2011
Nice suggestions :))
Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Scottysally2 on February 10, 2011
Nice illustrations, congratulations, wish you many sales. :)
Posted by Laurasinelle on February 10, 2011
Great illustrations!
Posted by Thanatonautii on February 10, 2011
Those are great drawings! Congratulations!
Posted by Trottola on February 10, 2011
great illustrations! Congratulations!
Posted by Stefaniav on February 10, 2011
amazing! Great illustrations! :)
Posted by Mariaam on February 10, 2011
Beautiful illustrations! Well done.
Posted by Infotrontof on February 10, 2011
Awesome graphics!!
Well done

Comments (9)

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