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posted on 7th of april, 2011

I told you some time ago that being inspired by Alek Kringstad (Kringstad) who wrote an excellent blog on handmade cheap lightbox (you can read it here), I made my own one.

After first accepted images taken with this equipment I continued to play with it. This time my subject was food and here are the first uploads:

Comments (16)

Posted by Kringstad on April 08, 2011
I'm glad I could help. Great images! Makes me hungry :D
Posted by Igordabari on April 08, 2011
@Alvera - Oh, God... I do not know what to do, then. In the center or not? Are you friend or you are going to congrat me to images with wodka in the center? Please, tell me truth... :-)
Posted by Teguhonly on April 07, 2011
lovely composition of green, red and white..
Posted by Alvera on April 07, 2011
NO! NO!!! Vodka ALWAYS in the center! If I will see that vodka is not in the center (of interest) I will report that image to all admins!!!
Posted by Lostarts on April 07, 2011
Just missing the wodka! lol .... Images look very good, Igor. Congratulations!!
Posted by Mariaam on April 07, 2011
Beautiful photos! Well done.
Posted by Igordabari on April 07, 2011
to Lostarts That's a good idea, Art. Next series will be with wodka...

to Alvera ... that will be put NOT in the center (thanks for lesson, my friend!)...

to BCritchley... and there will be 3 or 5 drinks presented on each of pic (thank you for putting my attention to this point!).

to everybody Thank you very much for reading and commenting.
Posted by BCritchley on April 07, 2011
Good results from your light box :-) I'm no expert but I did read once that objects are more attractive to the eye in 3's or 5's, not sure how true this is but it may add something :-)
Posted by Alvera on April 07, 2011
Coz only friends tell the truth (everybody else congrats!) I advice you to put the eggs, tomatoes etc. in the point of interest not in the center of the photo. Try this and you will see the result. The lighting is ok. All my best!
Posted by Noodles73 on April 07, 2011
very nice and creative images, Igor...I am playing a bit with my lightbox as well and it's fun!
Posted by Lostarts on April 07, 2011
Just missing the wodka! lol .... Images look very good, Igor. Congratulations!!
Posted by Themalni on April 07, 2011
Beautiful images indeed! Very appetising! ;D
Posted by Egomezta on April 07, 2011
Great images, good luck with them.
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 07, 2011
Congratulations, nice composition and good light!
Posted by Halilin on April 07, 2011
They look beautiful...
Posted by Uptall on April 07, 2011
nice pics really

Comments (16)

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Photo credits: Igor Sokalski.
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