My nemo in memory...

posted on 15th of april, 2011

Two months ago, I setup a small salt water aquarium(15 inches),,
First two clownfish can last for one month, then I bought new two, last for one week ..bought two again.. for three days..
I went to the shop and test the water parameter, everything OK..
May be because of acclimation process... I really don't know why..
now, only left with one coral...
I surrendered..give up.. :(
Luckily, I have taken some photos of my nemo..
They are really cute. right? Like cartoon..

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Posted by Williamardrey on April 21, 2011
I feel sorry for the fish, but the photos are beautiful[imgl]http://www.17082770[/imgl]
Posted by Scottysally2 on April 19, 2011
Beautiful images, sad that the fish died.
Posted by Irisangel on April 18, 2011
Beautiful shots
Posted by Syaifulafzal on April 18, 2011
Beautiful images!!
Posted by Joe1971 on April 16, 2011
It is very beautiful!
Posted by Rosedarc on April 16, 2011
Beautiful shots, sad story; we were offered an aquarium if we wanted to but it is really hard work to clean it up and to keep the fish alive and healthy. Hearing your story I think I did the right thing by saying thanks but no thanks to the aquarium...
Posted by Tamarabauer on April 16, 2011
They are really lovely photos - I'm glad you have them to remember your fish. Sad they didn't last long :(
Posted by Sarkao on April 16, 2011
Especially firt is cute:)
Posted by Afagundes on April 15, 2011
They are very beautiful
Posted by Uptall on April 15, 2011
Posted by Iwanara on April 15, 2011
i like fish expecially cartoon...nice shots :-)
Posted by Nero67 on April 15, 2011
I'm sorry about your fish!
Beautiful images
Posted by BCritchley on April 15, 2011
Great pictures, sorry that the fish are now dead :-(

Comments (13)

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Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.
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