How to recover images from corrupt card .... Essential tool

posted on 8th of june, 2011

I thought I should share another lesson I learnt this week past.

I was helping shoot some stills around a friends commercial film from morning until lunch on Saturday. I then went to download what I had, around 400 images, when my laptop registered that the card was unreadable. I pulled the card reader and reinserted into the USB port and this time it could read. On navigating to the folder though it registered only two strangely named files and none of the CR2 raw Canon images I'd been shooting.

I rememberEd a blog I read on Luminous Landscape and recalled accounts of some successful data recovery software used on a trip to Antarctica. After finding the name of the software and locating the latest version I downloaded the trial version. After allowing it to run it displayed thumbnails of the lost images so I purchased and let it run through. It recovered all files successfully (not fast but this was not a factor thankfully) and I definitely feel the need to express it is worth a try if you ever end up in a similar situation.

I Purchased the wizard version for only 21 dollars!

Happy shooting .... And remember to backup!

The software is called Photo Rescue and can be downloaded from

Photo Rescue

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Posted by Owaisphotography on November 28, 2011
Posted by Trottola on June 16, 2011
Thank you for sharing! Very useful!!!
It happened to me once too, the photograph shop helped me... I have been luck!
Posted by Anhong on June 14, 2011
Yes, many people encountered the same problem. Disk files accidentally lost. . . . . . Annoyed! It is very useful. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Scottysally2 on June 11, 2011
Piece of useful information, thanks for sharing. :)
Posted by Bevanward on June 10, 2011
Hi Lauriey
The images were cr2 raw files from a Canon dslr. I hope this helps people in similar predicaments as there are options that can work! Bevan
Posted by Lauriey on June 08, 2011
I'm curious if the images were JPG or RAW. I've heard RAW is harder to revive. I just had to use some recovery software the other day to get a few RAWs back, but I paid a tad more.
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 08, 2011
Nice blog, thanks fo sharing!
Posted by Xiaofeng123 on June 08, 2011
Posted by Mariaam on June 08, 2011
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Picstudio on June 08, 2011
Great blog.
Posted by Uptall on June 08, 2011
thanks for share
Posted by Joezachs on June 08, 2011
That is useful info.
Will save this site (and your blog) for future refernece.

Comments (12)

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