Isolated yes, isolated no

posted on 28th of july, 2011

Hello friends! I am writing this blog in hopes of being useful. Surely many of you have read a recent blog written by a dreamstime's admin. It is about "isolated" word in stock language. As it has already happened to the word "vector" for illustrations, today it happens for the word "isolated". If an image is not perfectly isolated on a solid background the image will be refused if it contains "isolated" on title, description and/or keywords. I can say it for sure because today an image of mine was refused for this reason. By removing the word isolated my image has been accepted.
If you do not want your images to be rejected because of this reason, be careful not to make this mistake.
Sorry for my bad english and hope to be useful :-)
Ciao, Francesco

This is the image refused because it contains a small shadow

and this is an image perfectly isolated

Comments (25)

Posted by Nero67 on January 25, 2012
Thanks Vcarmstrong and Ewapix!!!
Posted by Ewapix on January 24, 2012
Francesco, many thanks! Really useful!
Posted by Vcarmstrong on January 24, 2012
Good info!
Posted by Nero67 on October 22, 2011
Thanks Lingong and Suebmtl!!!
Posted by Linqong on October 22, 2011
Thank you for sharing!
Very useful!
Posted by Suebmtl on October 18, 2011
Thanks Francesco.
very useful.
Posted by Nero67 on August 30, 2011
Thanks Akulamatiau!!!
Posted by Akulamatiau on August 29, 2011
Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Nero67 on August 02, 2011
Thanks a lot Ewamewa2 :-)
Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 02, 2011
very useful information, thanks
Posted by Nero67 on August 02, 2011
Thanks Calyx22!!!
Posted by Calyx22 on August 01, 2011
That's very helpful, Francesco! I've not had this problem myself but I don't have that many isolated images, so it's very good to know that this could be an issue. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Nero67 on July 29, 2011
Thanks to you!!!
Posted by FabioConcetta on July 29, 2011
Thanks for the information and useful blog, hello Francesco!
Posted by Iwhitwo on July 28, 2011
Good to know, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Nero67 on July 28, 2011
Physi28 It was explained in the refused page: the image contains word "isolated".
Posted by Physi28 on July 28, 2011
very useful, I didn´t know! Did the editor however tell you the reason for refusal?
Posted by Nero67 on July 28, 2011
Thanks guys!
Posted by Hunor83 on July 28, 2011
Very useful...Thanks
Posted by Digikhmer on July 28, 2011
As I started recently to upload isolated item, I alway cut the shadow ;) of my objects. So I think I do not need to review my keywords.
Posted by Leswag on July 28, 2011
More than useful, thank you Francesco!
Posted by Nero67 on July 28, 2011
Thanks my dear! Ciao ;-)
Posted by Francy874 on July 28, 2011
Very useful ;-) Ciao!!!
Posted by Nero67 on July 28, 2011
thanks to you too Maria :-)
Posted by Mariaam on July 28, 2011
Thanks for sharing Francesco!

Comments (25)

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