If you fall off a horse...

posted on 10th of august, 2011

You should get straight back on, I had a really good month last month on DT with revenue up about 100% on my previous best month and I passed the 300 picture on line mark and got an acceptance rate of 85%.

The end of the month certainly resulted in a celebratory beer and I thought things were looking great for the coming months and I figured I would be knocking on the door of 400 images on line by the end of august and possibly reaching my first payout in a couple of months time.

Unfortunately the month of August started off pretty poorly, ideas seemed to dry up and the ideas I did have were a little different to what I am shooting at the moment, but I went with it and failed spectacularly. I managed to rack up as many refusals in 3 days as I did in the entire month of July :(

Don't tell too many folk but I have to admit to the fact that my confidence had been rocked somewhat but lets face it there are bound to be ups and downs when learning how to compete in the stock market. I have revovered a little in he last few days although diappointingly I have reverted to some shots that I do not think are all that creative but they are what I have to work with at the moment.

It is tough when your confidence gets a bit of a slap but I am ploddoing on and hope for a better nd week of August than the 1st week :D

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Posted by Haslinda on August 11, 2011
Hi Llareggub. I had been where you are and even stopped uploading because I felt so down. But like what you wrote, if you fall off a horse, get straight on. You have many amazing conceptual images - they are there for the long run. Things will work out in the end. It just takes a bit of time. Good luck! :)
Posted by Llareggub on August 11, 2011
Thanks all, as I mentioned sales are not all that bad at all... I am a little frutrated with me more than anything else and need a bit of a spurt to provide motivation!
Posted by Egomezta on August 10, 2011
You'll do much better soon, just keep loading images.
Posted by Calyx22 on August 10, 2011
Llareggub, I know how disappointing it can be to get a lot of rejections. And it's certainly a blow to your confidence as well, not to mention your pride (well, mine anyway). But try to learn from the reasons for rejection and then you'll be better at the stock business. There are times when it's really hard to me to understand a rejection, but I try to learn if the image is rejected for a technical reason. You are doing well so far, so try to stay positive! Sales are down for everyone right now as it is summer. Here's to hoping this week is better for you! :)
Posted by Llareggub on August 10, 2011
Sales are not too bad at the moment a little down on last month but a little better then an average month...

The disapointing thing is my disapointment in my pictures :( But I will keeping working at it :D
Posted by Digikhmer on August 10, 2011
I think that the august sale dropped for everybody ... due to the holiday ...
July has been the month that all buyers have to finish their campaign before leaving their office ;) Wish them to have a nice holiday and a lot of project in mind when they will be back in September.
Good luck and a lot of sale to come.

Comments (6)

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