DockDogs National Championships

posted on 10th of october, 2011

I took a ride to the Killington Vermont area with my son and West Highlands White Terrier, Tiki to soak in some autumn foliage, view the progress on fixing the roads after Hurricane Irene, check out the hay sculptures and go on a hike.

We just happened upon the DockDogs National Championships. This event highlights dog athletes who compete by jumping the farest or highest off a dock into a swimming pool.

Its was a great event although it was highly stressful as my dog was barking his head off from the moment we got there and of course tugging at my arm every time I tried to get a shot off. He finally settled down.

You should have heard how excited the competitors were, the dog athletes would bark like crazy as they waited their turn to plunge into the water. You can see from the photos how into it some of the dog owners were - one guy seemed to pantomime his dogs actions. Another owner whose dog refused to jump in to retrieve ended up jumping in herself to show the dog how its done.

One of the funniest things was this group of small kids who had these dog trading cards. They kept coming up to us trying to guess what kind of dog we had. No for the second time, he is not a Chihuahua.

It was a beautiful drive up to Killington and fun event to check out. And we still managed to get in a hike after all. Two sleepyheads in the car on the way home.

Comments (11)

Posted by Peanutroaster on October 13, 2011

Shot of the area from the ski slope
Posted by smartview27 on October 12, 2011
A lot of fun !
Posted by Laurasinelle on October 11, 2011
Great pics!
Posted by Thevegetable on October 11, 2011
great images... :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 11, 2011
Great images!
Posted by Thanatonautii on October 11, 2011
Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Ilposeidone on October 11, 2011
eheheh I've never heard about this championship... nice shoots!
Posted by Nero67 on October 11, 2011
Beautiful images!!!
Posted by Laurasinelle on October 10, 2011
Great images!
Posted by Egomezta on October 10, 2011
Those are great images. Good luck.
Posted by Mariaam on October 10, 2011
Great photos!

Comments (11)

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