Why zooms rock (Part 2)

posted on 23rd of february, 2011
A while ago, I did a blog on prime lenses and their strengths - but there is still a case for zooms:

1. When you can't move or can't get closer! People often refer to 'sneaker zoom' with prime lenses - meaning they walk closer or further to adjust framing. That is great if you have the option, but try moving a little closer when standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon - or even getting closer to get a photo at the kid's Christmas concert.

2. To keep the camera sealed. In bad weather or dusty conditions you may risk getting dirt, grime or water into your camera by changing lenses. Not to mention the inconvenience of changing lenses when doing outdoor...

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Posted by Sobek85 on March 11, 2011
nice shots. Good luck
Posted by Uptall on March 03, 2011
nice pics and i like it.good luck to you
Posted by Adeliepenguin on February 25, 2011
All good points. I'd have to agree. As for me, I love my prime lenses, I love my zooms. They each have a special place in my heart, depending on my mood, my subjects, etc. However, I will admit that my zooms at times cause me to be lazy...I don't move around as much. With my primes, I am forced to move and really think about where i want to stand and focus, etc.. And with my zooms, I always have to remember to try to stay within my sweet spot, or I may lose a good stock picture due to lens quality issues.

Comments (15)

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