Nikon D90 & D5000 firmware update L 1.001 is here!

posted on 10th of march, 2011
Nikon D90 and D5000 owners must know that firmware update is out at last. Go for it! Hey, don't hurry! Click on USEFULL first! :D

"Distortion control data are used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing."

To perform the update read this:

Good luck and no more distorsions!

It's work on snow, too.

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Posted by Alvera on July 26, 2012
You're welcome!
Posted by Androniques on July 26, 2012
Just found this... thanks! :)
Posted by BCritchley on March 15, 2011

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posted on 15th of march, 2011
I am so happy and wanna share!
1000 photos on-line!
This one was number 1000:

I must rename this photo: "Man is writing in agenda: 1000 photos! Done!"

Joined June 3, 2009. It was not easy, I can say not easy at all, but definitively was so fun. Good luck to all, hope to see you at 1000, 5000, 10000, 100000...

Some very good looking info at this milestone:
Monthly uploads: 50.00 average
Uploads this month: 44
Message boards: 200
Stock Rank percentage: 77.00%

Nice numbers, don't you think?!

Oh, not to forget: Total revenue: 10000000000000 bucks... :))

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Posted by Ponytail1414 on March 16, 2011
Posted by Igordabari on March 16, 2011
Congrats and go ahead! :)
Posted by Grafvision on March 16, 2011
Congratulations!!!.....keep it up!

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Breaking the records!

posted on 21st of march, 2011 least, my own record.

Seagulls fight for food.

Approved On: 03/19/2011 Download date: 03/21/2011
Only two days between Approved and Download date!
And not to forget that it was weekend.
Buyers, please help me to sell something in the same day :)

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Posted by Alvera on November 04, 2011
Yes, their names are Sarcozy and Papandreous :))))
Posted by BCritchley on November 04, 2011
   Seagulls fight       Seagulls fight   

Are they the same seagulls???? :-)
Posted by Alvera on November 04, 2011
Indeed, like humans :)

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