The Magic of Monotone Photos

posted on 14th of march, 2011
Monotone photos are powerfully simple and convey emotion like few types of photos can. With all extraneous color eliminated, we are left only with light and shape. Add to that a single color and the image is more powerful than its individual parts.

In previous posts I’ve discussed the color red and the emotions it conveys. Let’s talk about some other colors for a moment. Blue for instance, conveys cold, lonely, depressed emotions. “I’m feeling blue today,” is a popular phrase in the English language that simply means “I feel lonely or sad.”

But this is not all, blue also portrays the idea of clean freshness.

Sepia tones also convey emotions,...

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Posted by Yuritz on March 17, 2011
Great pictures and blog.
Posted by Eric1513 on March 16, 2011
Thanks everyone for the encouraging remarks. Thanks especially to Julia161 and Bradcalkins for posting photos that look awesome!
Posted by Hustgh on March 16, 2011
Really good tips.
thank you

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Always Carry a Camera

posted on 16th of march, 2011
Always Carry a Camera

Some might think that stock photography is only made up of controlled or contrived images. Indeed many stock photographers, myself included, spend time planning and setting up stock images. However, not all great stock photos are planned. On Dreamstime, for example, my best selling stock image is of a car accident that I happened upon just as I was beginning to take images to submit to Dreamstime. In fact several of my top ten selling images came from that car accident. I happened to have my camera with me and was able to capture images from the scene as the emergency personnel were slowly cleaning the debris.

If I expand and look at my top 20 selling images, about 70 percent were possible simply...

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Posted by Akulamatiau on January 24, 2012
Good advice! My 2012 resolution is to bring a camera with me. All the time. :)
Posted by Sesphoto on April 18, 2011
You have a great and nice portfolio. Congratulations Eric.
Posted by Jlhope on March 21, 2011
I absolutely agree with you!

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