Why do I like DT...

posted on 3rd of march, 2011
We all are human beings. We all can be tired. We all are not able to be always right. But we all can speak to each other politely and constructively trying to explain what we think and what we want. Respecting each other. And DT, on my opinion, is very suitable place to be human beings.

Are you agree, colleagues? You aren't?! But you have to...

Lately I uploaded three images. Here they are:

All the three were rejected. Surely, I was upset. But I wrote to support. Trying to explain that reasons of rejection seemed to be wrong for me. Because (1) ... (2) ... and (3) ... Putting arguments in front of them. I finished with polite request to re-consider images. As a result, they have been moved from 'Refused files' to 'On line files'...

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Posted by Uptall on March 04, 2011
nice pics and good luck.
Posted by Mariaam on March 03, 2011
I totally agree with you... This situation also happened to me: I asked the support team, and then my images went from the "refused files" into my portfolio ... That was so cool! DT rocks! ;)
Posted by Egomezta on March 03, 2011
I have done the same... Congratulations.

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DT on DT

posted on 4th of march, 2011
>I still do not know if it is a good idea or not, but anyway I got it a week ago and now 2 images are on-line:

How much downloaded these images will be? I have no idea... Place your bets, colleagues!!! :)

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Posted by Midosemsem on June 08, 2011
Nice idea... Good Luck
Posted by Igordabari on March 08, 2011
Thanks for idea, Diane! I will think on it...
Posted by Dianepix on March 08, 2011
Maybe you could put (with photoshop) your computer with that dreamstime page on one of your fantastic moon shots? ;)

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Forgotten photos

posted on 6th of march, 2011
It happens to me from time to time. I take shots and put images to my hard disk to process later, but then I have no time for a week or so. Or something attracts my attention and I took new shots and completely go mad on them and so, old ones stay forgotten.

And so, I decided to start March with careful inspecting my HD instead of taking new photos. And it turns out to be a good idea since I found couple of dozens photos quite suitable to be uploaded on DT. And so, I processed them and uploaded and most of them have been just approved.

I would like to say that it makes sense to inspect your HD from time to time. Some interesting photos may be kept there forgotten.

Like these ones which I re-discovered lately:


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Posted by BCritchley on March 09, 2011
Good point and I have also found that as my post processing skills have improved, new packages obtained etc that pictures that may have had no potential before can now be either altered or improved to make them saleable. So it's certailny worth going back through your HD and see whats' hiding :-)
Posted by Igordabari on March 09, 2011
No, it is not safe and that's why I have a camera which is cheap more or less :)
Posted by Alvera on March 09, 2011
I will let the others to send you "congrats" and "great" and I ask you: It's safe to go lonely in the night (Sinatra) with a tripod and an expensive camera to take photos in your location my friend?

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Shooting noctilucent clouds...

posted on 9th of march, 2011
>Noctilucent (mesospheric) clouds represent especial kind of athmospheric phenomena. In contrast to 'normal' clouds they are located in upper atmosphere (mesosphere) at altitudes about 80 kilometers, which is almost space. Noctilucent clouds can be visible in a deep twilight in the summer months at latitudes between 50° and 70° north and south. But it's extremely rare phenomenon and even at these latitudes they appear 2-3 times per summer only (in the best case). Being amateur astronomer for 35 years and ever checking sky with a great attention, I saw mesospheric clouds only several times for the whole my life.

And the most beautiful case took place at midnight between June 18 and 19, 2010. I noticed clouds at 11 p.m. out of my window. It was just fantastic show! Very tender silver-like net (that'...

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Posted by Igordabari on March 10, 2011
It happens sometimes. But extremely rarely. Even being at 56 I see it not each year... In 2010 they appeared only twice in Moscow.
Posted by Alvera on March 10, 2011
Amazing! No way to see this beauty at 45° North?
Posted by Py2000 on March 10, 2011
Nice shots and blog. If you didn't explain it, I wouldn't even know there is this type of clouds.

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First experience with shooting fireworks...

posted on 11th of march, 2011
>I always dremt to take photograpy of a firework. And finally I managed to do this. Unfortunately, fireworks are very short events and it is not possible to change spot adjusting for the best view. One does not know EXACTLY where it will happen. Noway to set composition before it starts...

For my first firework session on March 6th 2011 (it was dedicated to the beginning of orthodoxal Lent) I choosen the spot at the Red Square in Moscow with Saint Basil's Cathedral that served as an excellent foreground.

My idea was to use exposure time which would be long enough to catch essential part of firework splashes. I wanted to catch not a short moment but development of splashes.

Here are settings: (1) tripod, (2) ISO100 (to supress noise), (3) t=2sec, (4) f/7.1. I had to choose the last parameter...

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Posted by Igordabari on February 24, 2013
Thanks. Honestly, I did not take any measures to hide smoke. The most probablky, there was no smoke there...
Posted by Dolechen on February 24, 2013
Really beautiful firework pictures!! May I know how to shoot fireworks without smoke? Because in my experience, there is always black smoke surrounding the fireworks,which really ruins the pretty image.
Posted by Cafebeanzphoto on April 05, 2011
WOW, Great capture !!!!!

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My first 'lightbox' images accepted

posted on 22nd of march, 2011
So, finally I have made cardboard lightbox with walls and "ceiling" of tracing paper. Also I bought 3 cheep lamps and 3 x 6450K bulbs. Toytal price for all the equipment is $30. And here are my first lightbox images accepted:

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Posted by Igordabari on September 10, 2012
Thanks, Valentina!
Posted by Effavale on September 10, 2012
well done!...At the moment I saled 1 photo only 4 times.
Good luck!
Posted by Igordabari on March 25, 2011
Buona fortuna a te Francesco!

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