Slavery Management

posted on 3rd of march, 2011
I partially started spiritual counseling and healing since December on That was after a very long break that I again started working on the site till I am ready to launch the site back commercially! Getting back to the point, since my initial sessions since 10 years back till date, I found that there is a lot we all have to do with slavery. 90% of problems around us are our perceptions and those that really exist are due to the indirect service we are providing others without questioning.

The definition of Stable life has become stable income, stable emotions, stable relations and all other stable things of comfort and luxury that keep growing. We are no longer happy with bread, shelter, rest and sex. We want everything in...

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Posted by Uptall on March 04, 2011
nice pics and topic.

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Kalyug? Maybe! For me its just a change!

posted on 20th of march, 2011
Meerabai - a saint, a singer, one of the only devotees and lover of Lord Krishna! An icon from Rajasthan and one of the leading saints of the Vaishnava Bhakti Movement. It might be a myth or a reality but her love for Krishna symbolized the ideal love for many of her own followers and Krishna’s. Following ideals is always a big ordeal and suffering from people who pretend to follow is greater ordeal.

Today I prayed to Lord Vishnu, Krishna and Meerabai herself. I asked them to forgive me for what I was going to do next. I knew they would forgive me because they are not judgemental like people are, and they know what I did symbolized something from the weird world that we might call as KALYUG or just some horror changes happening in our lifestyle that are shameful....

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on March 26, 2011
Thanks. Here is one HOLI Colors image fresh from the oven !
Posted by Scottysally2 on March 23, 2011
Beautiful images, thanks for sharing. :)
Posted by Kittycat on March 22, 2011
Amazing images and colors. Very creative. Thank you for sharing!!

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