False Prophets Cry of Doom

posted on 3rd of april, 2011
False Prophets Cry of Doom

I Have To Find My Peace Cuz No One Seems To Let Me Be
False Prophets Cry Of Doom What Are The Possibilities
I Told My Brother There’ll Be Problems, Times And Tears For Fears,
We Must Live Each Day Like It’s The Last!
(Michael Jackson - JAM)

I don't know if it’s a good thing writing this blog, for a person like me who prophesizes or predicts things. With 2012 closing in, the doomsday prophecies have started making headlines again. The latest stupidity was about the two dates 09/11/2001 (911 US WTC) and the latest 03/11/2011 (Japan Tsunami) dates adding together to form the exact doomsday date 12/22/2012. in 2000 When it was the millennium time same kind of prophecies supposedly predicted by Nostradamus were...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on April 08, 2011
I wish the coffee idea was feasible financially in time. Since the idea seems about traveling so far I guess we can help ourselves with other drinks too! :)
Posted by Snookless on April 07, 2011
@Thefinalmiracle...well...then I think we should all get together on the 23rd for some coffee!! Do dreamstime people do that? i mean meet socially anytime?
Take care and good luck!
Posted by Fenghui on April 07, 2011
nice photo,interesting blog.

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Incredibly Networked

posted on 14th of april, 2011
Today I was sitting down wondering what to do from tomorrow. Well for some reason the co-incidence was that it is a kind of a new year for us. A festival called Gudi Padwa. I said why not think about a work reform seriously. The first thing I decided was to cut down my computer usage when I am not needed around it. My applications and workload always takes of itself with automated queues and stuff. I have been using the computer mouse more than the keyboard for editing pictures more than music almost 12 hours in a day. Its started to give signs of wear and tear including an extra skin padding that has appeared on the wrist where the hand touches the desk. It aches very badly quite often, especially when I sleep. I don't realize any pain, cold, sweat, etc. when...

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Posted by Syaifulafzal on April 18, 2011
Very nice!!
Posted by Bevanward on April 16, 2011
Interesting read thanks - gorgeous images. best luck with your sales
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on April 15, 2011
Thanks Everyone!

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