Happy Victory Day!!!

posted on 9th of may, 2011
Dear Friends!
Today, on the 9th of May, we are having a huge Victory day celebration in Moscow, Russia. People go out to the streets and give flowers to Second World War veterans. We thank them for heroism and the Great Victory in the 1945. Is it same big holiday in your country, too?

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Posted by Nero67 on May 10, 2011
Happy Victory day!!!
Posted by Uptall on May 10, 2011
happy victory day
Posted by Photoncatcher on May 09, 2011
happy victory day

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Catching kids for photo :)

posted on 30th of may, 2011
>Hi :)
Recently I tried child photography, and now feel very excited about this nieche. Kids are so cute! When you shoot or portprocess their images your eyes are resting. You never get really tired looking at a child's innocent face.
I made my pictures in the natural light with only a small on-camera flash.
The difficulties were the following: kids were all the time moving and had a habbit to turn away from camera :) Of course, it was very hard to explain them the importance of keeping head in a certain position according to the proper lighting. They are not adults and just can't understand such humor!
The solution was to keep them busy doing something. I'm very grateful to my little models' parents for help about this and good fantasy in entertaining.
From each child photosession...

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Posted by Onime on May 31, 2011
nice blog. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Migel on May 31, 2011
Nice images!
Posted by Bowlingranny on May 31, 2011
Nice images, I've found talking to children after a certain age about what they do everyday and about their friends and family holds their attention and you get great expressions. I love photographing children.

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