$30,000 Milestone

posted on 24th of july, 2015

Hi everyone
I've just passed a significant milestone : $30,000 in Total Earnings.

My Statistics as of today (24th July 2015) are:

Total Earnings: $30,004.04
Total Sales: 21,799
Uploads: 7252
Acceptance Ratio: 84.6%

I have recently made a large number of sales of wildlife images taken in Botswana.
I presume they have all been purchased by the same buyer.
So far, in the last 2 weeks, I've made 221 sales from wildlife images of Botswana !

A couple of weeks back I also made 44 sales of travel images of Myanmar (Burma), all within a 48 hour period, again purchased by one buyer, I think.

Bulk sales like this are great and really do boost your figures.

Onwards now to the next big milestone....

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Posted by Adrizoon on August 24, 2015
Wow!! very impressing. Congrats!
Posted by Mrallen on August 24, 2015
Hi Astormfr
I joined DT at the end of August 2009 and uploaded a small collection of about 300 images. I thought I'd see how sales went before uploading any more. I waited until mid 2010 and sales were doing OK, so I added more. By the end of 2010 I had around 2000 images on sale. I now have almost 7300.
Posted by Astormfr on August 24, 2015
Amazing. Hope to be at this level one day.

Just one question, when did you start to really upload on DT?

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TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (Part Two - Extended Version)

posted on 3rd of june, 2015

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY - Extended Version.
This is a much more in depth look at how to make good sales from travel photography. It includes most of my previous blog on the subject plus a whole lot more info and some different photos. I've tried to include info that will be useful to most photographers, from 'newbe' to the more advanced stock photographer.


Above: Hagia Sophia Mosque - Istanbul -...

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Posted by Franfoto on July 17, 2015
Thank you for your lesson. A clear explanation and a beautiful photos. A good motivation for me to make better travel photos.
Posted by Jkelcher on July 02, 2015
Steve, once again, a great blog. Sharing of your knowledge, and your openness is always appreciated.
Posted by Sumitahldr80 on June 28, 2015
awesome information. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions

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Travel Images - How to make good sales

posted on 2nd of may, 2015


It is often said that making good sales and income from 'travel' stock is very difficult.
YES, IT IS !! - or at least it can be if you don't make your images stand out from the crowd.

On Dreamstime, if you do a search using just the keyword 'Travel', you will get well over 2.6 million images come up that have the word 'travel' in their keywords.

Now I know that few buyers of travel images will be likely to search using just the keyword 'Travel'. They are going to narrow the search by putting in keywords for the location, specific building or some other key feature of the location they are interested in.
Even so, say you search for a lesser known destination such as: travel - Myanmar - Yangon. You will still...

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Posted by Guojiett on June 01, 2015
Great blog! Thanks for sharing! Enjoying your blogs!
Posted by Debratos on June 01, 2015
Terrific article, beautiful photos and lots of good advice. Thank you! You are very lucky to be able to travel the world. Keep up the good work. You have definitely found your calling.
Posted by Adrianhg on May 24, 2015
Great tips Steve as well as great photos.

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How to correct Converging Verticals

posted on 30th of april, 2015

How to correct Converging Verticals.

I'm sure many of you already know about the following technique, but judging by the number of uncorrected images in the Dreamstime files, I think it may be worth sharing this technique here.

If you angle your lens up or down when photographing something like a tall building you will get 'Converging Verticals'.
In the example below the minarets of the Taj Mahal appear to lean inwards.

I know that in some cases this can be used for dramatic effect, but often it just looks wrong and the image would look far better with the verticals corrected.

*Please Note: both examples are cropped to fit this letterbox format. (click on the pictures below to see the full image)


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Posted by Adeliepenguin on May 08, 2015
You are so right about converging verticals. I am lazy and have used DxO Viewpoint to fix the problem--used it for a few years. It is very fast and easy to use. It also has tools to correct some distortions created by wide angle lens. For people who don't use Photoshop or Lightroom, it is free-standing as well as a plug-in. Thanks again for sharing.
Posted by Bhabotoshchakraborty on May 05, 2015
good tutorial for newbie
Posted by Williamsphere on May 04, 2015
I didn't know how to fix this issue. Thanks for the tutorial!

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posted on 30th of march, 2015

I've just passed another major milestone : Twenty Thousand Sales !
I've been a member since late August 2009, although up until the end of 2010 I had only uploaded a few images, just to see if Dreamstime membership was worthwhile.
It was, so I then started adding as many new images as possible. Most of my sales date from after early 2011.

As of the 30th March 2015 my statistics are as follows.........

Uploaded Files: 6968
Sales: 20,006
Total Revenue: $28,421.89c
Acceptance Ratio: 84.4
Number of managed Collections: 87 (see the full list on my profile page)
Uploads in March: 272
Portfolio exposure: 2.87%
Featured Photographer in September 2010.
Status: Professional 'stock' photographer - I earn my entire income from shooting 'stock' images. Dreamstime...

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Posted by Teodororoianu on April 30, 2015
Sorry about those photos lost because of technology advancement. But still, with your experience, you can probably make at least better ones. Go for it!
Posted by Actina on April 28, 2015
Congratulations! And thank you for sharing and encouragement - I just have started to upload my first images, after learning this art for 2 years, and have been wondering, if it is worth the effort. Thank you for letting to know in details about your experiences! And wish you good health! - (because everything else one can buy :-)
Posted by Ctmphotog on April 28, 2015
Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your article. Congratulations!

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How to 'Sharpen' without increasing 'Noise'

posted on 27th of march, 2015

This is a tutorial on how to sharpen a slightly out-of-focus image WITHOUT increasing noise.

If you have an image that's just slightly out-of-focus, and you try to sharpen it by just using the standard 'sharpen' filter in Photoshop, then the result is often not very good as it will also increase any 'noise' that may be present in the image.
This is especially true of images that are high contrast and have been shot in low light levels with a high ISO setting.


One way round this problem is to use the following 'sharpening' method.......

1) Open your image in Photoshop

2) Make a duplicate of the 'background layer'
Go to 'Layers / Duplicate...

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Posted by Readleat26 on September 08, 2015
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Posted by Readleat25 on August 10, 2015
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Posted by Frederickmira333 on August 10, 2015
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Solar Eclipse - 20th March 2015

posted on 20th of march, 2015

This morning I photographed the Solar Eclipse.
Weather conditions were far from perfect, however I managed to get a couple of reasonable shots through small gaps in the clouds.
Unfortunately, I did not get any shots at the time of maximum occlusion, the thick cloud cover was total during full occlusion.
The maximum occlusion would have given about 95% coverage of the solar disc from where I live, in the north of the United Kingdom.

Anyway, here are my images...........not brilliant, but not too bad considering the very poor weather conditions.


Shot on a Canon 5D Mk111 with a 28-300mm lens, set at 300mm.
using a 1.8 ND Filter, and ISO100 1/500 sec at f22

Comments (19)

Posted by Frank11 on March 28, 2015
Amazing photo. Congrats!
Posted by Cousy86 on March 28, 2015
Like it!!!
Posted by Ncn18 on March 26, 2015
the second one is beauuuuutiful !!!!...good work...

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Images within Images

posted on 19th of march, 2015

I thought I would try bringing together some elements of my existing images to form one new image that works to a theme. All the component images are of the same topic.
This type of image is very useful to designers, who often have a need for images to use as page headers, especially when designing websites.

Here is a good example of what I'm talking about.
This first one has a 'financial' theme

It's important not to reduce the sales of each of the component images, so I try to only use a thin slice out of each of the original images.

And here are some more examples. I think the themes...

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Comments (13)

Posted by Mayornapalabra on April 11, 2015
Beautiful pictures and great collections.Thanks for sharing and greetings from the Caribbean.
Posted by FabioConcetta on March 21, 2015
Great images!
Posted by Mntmamaof2 on March 21, 2015
I love all your photo's. I would think that even if you combined 3 or 4 together you could still use each one individually as well.? I see that as a plus for your portfolio for sure. I am impressed by all the places you have been, definitely well traveled. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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My Best Selling Images in last 12 months

posted on 24th of february, 2015

After reading Tangle's blog (Carmen Pietraru): 'Best Sellers of 2014' and seeing that one of my images was included as a top seller, I decided to have a look at my personal best sellers of the last 12 months.

So here are the results..... 'My top 10 best selling Dreamstime images of the last 12 months' ......


*My Top Seller - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (RF)
Total sales to date: 461
Total income from this image: $1658
Total sales by this image in last 12 months: 108



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Comments (45)

Posted by Ltdesigns4u on March 22, 2015
Beautiful images-thanks for sharing
Posted by Hhm1020 on March 19, 2015
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Posted by Konake46 on March 18, 2015
wonderful pics

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Wow! What's Happening? Info about the Google deal

posted on 21st of february, 2015

Wow! What's Happening?
In the last 24 hours I have made 148 sales and 128 of them were ether $2.20 or $2.00 subscription sales!
That's a massive $261.69 total for just one day.

I think this must be something to do with the 'Google' deal that DT have been working on. So, glad I opted 'in'
I hope this leap in sales is going to be an ongoing thing and not just a one-off.
Anyone else had similar sales?  

Is Dreamstime set to become a 'powerhouse' of good sales, or is this just a flash-in-the-pan??           

Further message from Steve Allen:
Found this post by DT Admin, it gives a good explanation of what's going on......

As some of you will recall, we advised you many months ago that we would have some...

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Comments (16)

Posted by Osmar01 on February 28, 2015
Google has bought up exclusive! Good sales! :-)
Posted by Jeremyrichards on February 27, 2015
Thanks for the info. I did have a sudden surge of $2.00 sales; now I know why.
Posted by Mariayunira on February 25, 2015
That´s sounds amazing.. :) Congrats for you.. You have a nice portfolio.

Comments (16)

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