Relational Distortion

posted on 5th of may, 2011
Lately I have been reading a lot of music recording, arranging and mastering stuff apart, from the regular photography and editing. There is an exceptional relativity that I found in between not just in the technicalities of these two arts, but also in real life.

Everyone who is aware of digital photographs generally is aware that when we zoom the pictures we reach a level where we start seeing pixels (squares) in the image. This distortion happens due to excess dissection of the image beyond its normal resolution capacity. High-end softwares and hardwares even enable us to zoom this single pixel further which then again appears as a resolution of small dots which appear more like grain/noise than a square pixel. Even at pixel size level one cannot judge a...

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Posted by Scottysally2 on May 06, 2011
Great blog, and nice images. :)
Posted by Uptall on May 05, 2011
nice images
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 05, 2011
Great blog, thanks for sharing!

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The Knowledge of Pain

posted on 27th of may, 2011
Three recent incidents gave me an insight of something what nature/god gave us but what we turned into a complication that multiplies itself due to our ability of thinking and learning.

In the first incident I met a very great person. Great in his achievements and spiritual status. He is one of those few people who has been in touch with me for quite many years no matter where he was in his material status. We always discussed life, spirituality, religion and a lot more things. He is middle-aged and has seen a lot of success in life and not many failures after that. He was crippled by accidents and ill-health right from his younger years but his management covered this fact well so that people wont it. As time passed by his ailments increased and the pain...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on May 28, 2011
Thanks for your replies and the discussion. Its a really interesting topic but again I would add, that when we talk about the INSTANT or the MOMENT when we die which we are not seeing the process we again might be wrong. Scientifically time changes as we move close to or away from gravitational pull. I would like to imagine that time we know would have nothing to do with our spirit because it will have a very insignificant mass compared to our physical state. So the moment might be like an hour or maybe a lot lesser than the moment.

The point was about the entire process of our thoughts after knowing that we are going to die. This might be momentary or a huge span of our time. The easiest way is to find out the strength that animals get for giving up food, water or other activities when they know they will die. And that bought to the foundation of this blog to say, that they just know that they will die as good as they had their meal sometime before. So they dont think much about it!(More)
Posted by Androniques on May 27, 2011

Sorry for diverting from your article's theme.
It was very interesting to read about you experiences and thoughts. It is also something not directly related to photography or microstock, which brings a feeling of real life conversation to the site.

Here is the way I think about the pain, our awareness of it and the related questions you raise. I believe both reactions, the unawareness of the first experience of an unexpected accident and the following fear and pain of expecting something similar in the future, are mechanisms of the human body defense system which is unconscious by its nature. In the first case, when an accident happens for the first time, the mind has no knowledge about the dangers of those circumstances and their possible dreadful results, so the only "reasonable" reaction is to heal the body afterwards, which does not require conscious thinking. To the contrary, the already acquired knowledge of an accident or an...(More)
Posted by Uptall on May 27, 2011
nice pic

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