Dealing With Poverty While Traveling

posted on 13th of june, 2011
I love the "developing" world. Every country I have been to that is considered impoverished is beautiful, vibrant and full of colour. Here mother is the necessity of all invention and you see things that you would never even think of. Amazing as it is, the struggle to live is imminent and as a person who grew up in Canada, it is hard to sit back and watch without feeling brokenhearted some days Stepping outside the Western world is always interesting when it comes to poverty, because even our poorest people where I live still have access to basic human needs. Most countries cannot afford (or choose not to) to support a population with even the basics. Being a photographer while traveling is incredible. I love what I do and it has brought me nothing but...

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Posted by Martingraf on July 11, 2011
with point number 6 you brought something up most people forget: be an example! loved reading this blog and love your pictures - many thanks for sharing
Posted by Dmccale on July 09, 2011
thanks for sharing.It always makes us appreciate what we do have.I live in the USA and traveled to Mexico a few times.I have seen homeless people here it breaks my heart.Great Blog
Posted by Llareggub on July 02, 2011
I find that there are very few hard and fast rules when dealing with poverty when travelling, I used to travel a great deal when I was younger and honestly thought that there were...

Now I spend a great deal of my time living in one of the poorest places I have ever been, it is in the heart of Europe and I live in a village where it is common that people have no running water or electricity in there home. Something I never thought possible in the "civilised" west! Life for these people is hard and they cannot understand why we choose to be here, however whether it is a gift of money, goods or even the offer of work it comes down to the recipient to define what happens not the giver...

What ever you do in the situation it is always about you and not about the person that you make the donation to!

Comments (21)

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