First Free Picture

posted on 14th of june, 2011
© Digikhmer (Help) I always check the box to let go the picture to the free license galery if the picture is not qualified for the RF one. But I don't know why none of the rejected picture are accepted until today.

The difference is today I let a note in the editor text area to state that I am agree to let it go free if it is not selected.

And it is done for my clouds ;) which is not an exceptional one ... it is a kind of test.

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Posted by Anhong on June 14, 2011
Congratulations, Hello, I wish much!
Posted by Py2000 on June 14, 2011
Cool! I have a few free pics too.
Posted by Mariaam on June 14, 2011
Congrats for your first free pic! ;)

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Three Months, Two hundred pictures online!

posted on 21st of june, 2011
Yeah! Since I gave myself another chance to get-in into the micro-stock, there is three month ago; I can say :

- Duration : 3 months
- Number of pictures : 200 pictures online
- Photographer : so-called photographer by DT (as exclusive contributor)
- Sales : 19 sales
- Revenue : a little bit more that fifty dollars
- Feelings : a lot of frustrations and questions regarding the reason of the rejection, full of satisfaction for each approval
- Skill : Photoshop becomes more and more friendly with me :)
- Magic moment : two pictures in the assignment waiting for your votes (thank in advance) !

My secret wish and "Dreams" will be :
- Having as asset the "magic moment" ;)
- Growing the portfolio
- and and and a lot of sale !

Comments (9)

Posted by Rainygem on July 18, 2011
Great effort, very inspiring :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 22, 2011
Congratulations !!!
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on June 22, 2011
Great milestones, keep up the good work!

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So so so happy !

posted on 22nd of june, 2011
I just discovered that my picture won the third position of the "magic moment" assignment. It is my first assignment ever in the photography era. It is a miracle!
I wish to thank all the people who voted for me.
Again thanks a million and have a nice day.

Comments (17)

Posted by Mariaam on June 23, 2011
Posted by Dmccale on June 23, 2011
great photo congrats
Posted by Tamarabauer on June 23, 2011
Congrats! I had a feeling this would get a place in the assignment, considering the huge amount of views it got! Well done!

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What is the real collor of the Sky ?

posted on 27th of june, 2011
The thought of the day.

It seem that we forgot the real color of the sky. We use and like to see the perfect blue gradient artificially created to replace the flat and white sky as suggested in this excellent post.

When come to show the really clouds in a real sky with the perfect blue, some of us seem to se them as not natural or filtered. Nowadays, it is so easy to recreate a artificial sky with some Clouds PS Brush and you can make it. But still, I prefer as long as possible to enhance the little blue of the sky that recreate it.

What is your opinion about the sky or green grass? Do you filter the sky or grass of your picture?

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Posted by Digikhmer on June 29, 2011
@Tan510jomast - Yes you are right! Keep the real one for our real life as well! You have my four cents hi5!
Posted by Tan510jomast on June 27, 2011
As a stock photographer, I don't think we should ask how WE prefer to show sky. Personally, I love the sky as it is, red, blue, yellow, purple,etc...
in every shade and hue as we see them at different times of the day as light changes in color depending on it's distance .
But looking at stock photos and post cards, magazines,etc... it's pretty obvious , at least to me, that they prefer sky to be as plain as ever.
Same for grass and waves, etc..
Not sure why, but this is what they want, so if we have to gradient a sky and make it homogenous, so be it.
Then we keep the real sky for our own creative display or gallery .
There, my two cents worth :)
Posted by smartview27 on June 27, 2011
I don't use any filter.

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