200 uploads !!!next goal 300 !! When will that be ??? ;-)

posted on 7th of june, 2011
205 accepted pictures from today ! next goal 300 !

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Posted by Uptall on June 07, 2011
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 07, 2011
Funny image, good work!
Posted by smartview27 on June 07, 2011

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question about uploading additional formats like raw

posted on 19th of june, 2011
I edit my pictures in raw format and convert to jpeg before uploading to DT
Is it wise to upload the Raw format too ? Do you receive extra money if they accept the Raw format too ?

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Posted by Virgilxxn on June 21, 2011
Heathse is right, Sony raw is ok, my info was few months out of date :((
Posted by Bradcalkins on June 21, 2011
... if and when they sell, they bring in more money than selling the jpeg of the same image.

Many people seem to make this mistake. It is true for credit sales, but not for subscriptions. You'll get $0.35 for a RAW just the same as a JPG when it is level 0-2. The flip side, though, is that for me a RAW sale is often accompanied by a jpg sale as well - in that sense you can double the sale even for subs (plus net 2 sales in terms of counting towards higher levels).
Posted by Heathse on June 21, 2011
quote :With Sony A700 you will need to convert to DNG to upload, Sony raw is not accepted format, I believe. Kind regards

I upload Sony RAW (ARW) with no problems.

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Create collages

posted on 24th of june, 2011
You can create sets of similars (several shots included within the same image) cant find the way how to do this ! Anybody can help me ?

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Posted by Rolmat on June 24, 2011
Again, not exactly. Unless a certain overcrowded subject on our database really stands out, most likely it will be refused. One turnround "could" be collages/sets/collections, but even these are subject to other inspection criteria, such as composition, concept and techcnical execution. Simultaneously, it's important not to forget that thousands of non-sold images are currently being removed (4+ years), which means that earlier examples will not be pin-pointed. On the other hand, it's very important to keep in mind that even those that have been sold, were reviewed and approved under old and different criteria.
Posted by Luissantos84 on June 24, 2011
that seem to be the only way to get similar and NOT that similar pictures online.. too bad it is going this way, I don´t believe it is good for us but or we do it or we are out!
Posted by Titania1980 on June 24, 2011
Hi Egon!

I suppose you are refering to collages. A collage for similars is for example:

   Winter collage   

   Autumn collage   

(not mine)

   Alpine flowers collage   

you must dominate a bit photoshop in order to create frames and then put your pics in it in a collage

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