Five Simple Steps to Better Photography

posted on 5th of july, 2011
I read this useful article and I want to share it with you...

1) Sharpness: In order to ensure your images are sharp, make sure you know how to focus your camera. Digital cameras with auto focus are often difficult to focus precisely, especially when shooting small objects. Read your owner's manual and be sure you understand how your camera's auto focus operates. Most digital cameras are designed to easily focus on large objects but have difficulty on small subjects. It is often useful to put your camera in spot focus mode. Spot focus will give you more control over what part of a scene the camera is actually focusing on.

2) Use A Tripod: Even the slightest movement while taking a picture will cause motion blur. The closer you get to an object the more obvious the motion...

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Posted by Afagundes on November 26, 2011
Aperture priority is good, but don't close it more than what difraction makes it worse, normally around f11 for an APS-C and f13 for a full frame, there are precise calculators in the Internet that will tell you exactly the closer aperture you can get without difraction.
Posted by Maddiediva on November 17, 2011
Terrific info thanks for sharing! Peace to you!
Posted by Seawatch1 on July 14, 2011
I agree with Neirfy. My Canon, using all Canon lenses, produces its sharpest images at F8. Much over that and the get too soft.

Comments (12)

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