Cokin Z-pro holder, wide angle lens and dark corners

posted on 16th of july, 2011
About a month or two ago I posted a question into DT's forum about ND Graduated filters, Cokin Z-pro holder, wide angle lens 17mm at 1.6x crop sensor and vignetting / dark corners. Didn't receive an answer if there will be any dark corners or not.

To date I've had that set for a while and I thought I post an answer for my own question. So, the quick answer would be Yes, there will be dark corners with that set up!. I've tried several holder set ups by adjusting filter holders moving them from the front to back. No good result. Then I replaced the adapter ring so that the holder would move a little more backwards. Still no good result. Even, if trying without any filters, I still get minor dark corners at 17mm @ 1.6x crop sensor (approx. 27.2mm@35mm equiv.). So, to sum up, the only...

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Posted by Risto40 on July 20, 2011
I was looking for Lee filters and its holder for wide angle lens as well but those are not sold in my country and in internet stores like amazon and ebay I didn't have any luck either. Some US based photo equipment stores allowed to order larger filters (no idea about an holder) but items would have shipped after 6-10 weeks. Too long period for me. So i went for 100mm wide filters and z-pro holder. Once i get rich (by playing lottery :) i'll buy another set of filters and an holder suitable for very wide angle (as you know good filters are not cheap).
Posted by Afagundes on July 19, 2011
I am using Lee filters with the holder suitable for wide angles and had no vignette on my 5D with a 17-40
Posted by Risto40 on July 18, 2011
I always use lens correction in ACR. At minor vignetting it helps, but using the holder, vignetting is sharp and strong (complete black) so it won't help.

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  Cokin Z-pro holder, wide angle lens and dark corners

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