Diet after Christmas

posted on 5th of january, 2012

The holidays are over and it is time to start a diet or try to lose some weight.

I will concentrate on these things and I hope it will work out!?

1. Three meals a day that make me feel full.
2. Coffee without sugar. Just milk and coffee is enough, although I´m really used to add some sugar in it.
3. I will avoid any kind of fast food in the next weeks. No burgers, no fries, no pizza ... :(
4. I will drink a lot of water.
5. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". I love apples, but an apple every second or third day is enough.

I do not want to make any crash diet and I would like to avoid the Yo-yo effect. Wish me luck and please write an comment - any tips, suggestions are welcome. How do you lose weight?

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Posted by Mani33 on January 11, 2012
I hate to talk about it! But damn I need to loose weight! lol
Posted by Patpat on January 10, 2012
It 'easy to lose weight, do not eat :-) JOKE!
Eat everything in moderation and walk for forty minutes at least three times a week.
Posted by Scottysally2 on January 10, 2012
Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, cut out fatty foods, some exercise and you will soon reach your goal! :))
Posted by Wordplanet on January 09, 2012
Good luck!
I started a 30-day diet program 8 days ago - cutting out all wheat (gluten), dairy, red meat and sugar to increase the health benefits as well as to lose weight. I'll probably need more than 30 days to reach my weight goal but so far the program is working well - I've lost 6 lbs and haven't felt hungry at all.
Took a 2-hour hike with my husband Saturday and trying to walk at least a little every day - it's been warmer than usual here so that's a big help.
Good luck with every one's diet.
I had all sorts of plans for diet photos but have been so busy I haven't done any of them - next year I guess.
Happy to keep in touch and encourage each other through FB
Posted by Dejai63 on January 09, 2012
Hi Mariaam, that`s a good idea, you may get a much better result, if you try to burn calories at the same time with taking a walk. And you could take some photos during your walk. Wish you good luck.
Posted by Mariaam on January 09, 2012
I´m so happy that I´m not the only one who wants to lose weight. So we can support and motivate each other! Send me anytime a comment here on DT or on Facebook about your progress...
Posted by Gheburaseye on January 09, 2012
I have to start it too ;)
Posted by Celiaak on January 07, 2012
I'm thinking about starting too, but no sugar with the coffee is a little too much for me.
Maybe tossing in a little of indoor exercises between two image processing would help too?
Posted by Clearvista on January 06, 2012
Good luck and don't see it as a diet but a permanent change in eating habits that will become the normal healthy way you eat forever. :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on January 06, 2012
Good luck for your diet, my belly is growing, in six months will be really great ^ _ ^
Posted by Shamtor on January 06, 2012
I'm italian and for us pizza is not fast food or junk food. It's just delicious... of course a lot depend about ingredients.
Good luck!
Posted by Laurasinelle on January 06, 2012
Good luck! Your diet sounds easy!!!
Posted by HongChan001 on January 05, 2012
I think I need this too, have to fine tune back after so many Holiday season. (Christmas & New Year)
Posted by Olamojor on January 05, 2012
walking for half an hour aday is something great ..... Good luck :)
Posted by Ewamewa2 on January 05, 2012
so true:) And Good luck!
Posted by 19838623doug on January 05, 2012
Good Luck. I sure need to do the same.

Comments (16)

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