tax time... please help!

posted on 15th of february, 2012

please, tell me if I understand the whole process to provide Form W-8BEN

First I must say I am cittzen of canada and there is a 0% agreement between our two countries .

no 1 ) I submitted a Form W-8BEN but on line 6 but I am asked an ITIN number
no 2) I must now fill out the form FW-7 and provide proof of identity certificate (notary)
no 3 ) then I must post the form FW-7 with this certificate to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE
no 4)six weeks later I receive my ITIN number that I need to put on line 6 of Form W-8BEN

am I correct??

Thanks for your help :)

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Posted by Baldas1950 on February 16, 2012
Two clarifications to my earlier comment.

The request of the ITIN number served in my case to have a lower tax rate to 5% (this for an agreement between Italy and the United States). I do not know exactly what the situation is for another country but I know that there is a guide which lists all the existing bilateral agreements.

In relation with the authentication copy of the passport it was necessary for me to get the notary authentication at the U.S. Embassy in Italy, as the same authentication at an Italian notary was not enough.
Posted by Photosdl on February 16, 2012
@ Balbas1950 thanks for your feedback :)

@ Marugod83 here 's the link for the FW-7 instructions form
I had my notary authentify a copy of my passport, I then filled the form an join the copy to the form and mailled it to the address indicated in the intructions.
I'm suppose to receive my ITIN number in 6 weeks
That number will take place on line 6 of the W-8BEN form
link to the instruction;

Hope this will help you :)

@ Fotosenmer
hum, not from what I read in those instruction, but maybe it's different in the country you are from? you better check carefully.

Have a great day
Posted by Fotosenmeer on February 16, 2012
Me was told that you don't need a ITIN number when you are an individual person outside the US from a 0% tax treaty country. Is this correct?
Posted by Marugod83 on February 15, 2012
Baldas1950, so you have sent an mail (not an email) to the US address? And the FW-7 it has to be certified by a notary? in which language?
Posted by Baldas1950 on February 15, 2012
The procedure is correct.
I am an italian citizen, and I do exactly your four mentioned points.
Then I received by mail at my home ITIN number six weeks later.

Comments (5)

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