Chinese Zodiac - The year of Dragon

posted on 29th of february, 2012

Last month we have entered the year of Dragon, according to the Chinese calendar:
lasting from 23/01/2012 to 09/02/2013

As it should be very good sign for success, lets see, how good our sales on Dreamstime will get this year :)

The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao in Chinese, is based on a twelve year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an animal sign. These animal signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The Chinese zodiac is calculated according to Chinese lunar calendar .

The dragon enjoys a very high reputation in Chinese culture. It is the token of authority, honor, success, luck. In ancient China, a dragon was thought to speed across the sky with the divine power. Emperors entitled themselves exclusively as 'dragon' and their thrones were called 'dragon thrones', their clothes 'dragon gowns'.

People under the sign of the dragon are lively, intellectual, energetic and excitable. They often can be leaders and try to go for perfection. When they meet with difficulties, they are not discouraged. They are magnanimous, romantic and sensitive about their reputation. They usually have great ambition and an ingenuous personality. They hate hypocrisy, gossip and slander. They are not afraid of difficulties but hate to be used or controlled by others.

They are a little arrogant and impatient, while dragon women can be overly confident. Sometimes, 'dragons' are unable to control their moods well due to being eccentric, tactless, fiery, intolerant and unrealistic. They may feel blank about the future. There is no lack of romance in their life over all, but they seldom give true love. Therefore, they do not usually show disappointment in love. They may criticize others for their inefficiency at work. They have a nature ardent to excess and couldn't withstand setbacks which make them flee away. If they overcome these defects, they can have a brighter future.

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Posted by Teabum on March 02, 2012
Thank you for your comments :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on March 01, 2012
Nice images, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Mariaam on March 01, 2012
Thanks for the info! That was very interesting.
Posted by Jianbinglee on February 29, 2012
Great pics! niu!

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