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posted on 7th of march, 2012

Seeing threads and blogs asking about Members' Choice, I thought it's a good idea to collect our Admins rare replies to this frequent question - which is not found in FAQs by the way :P

Message posted at 11/22/2006, 16:09:40 PM by Achilles:
They are selected randomly from the photos that received most comments.

Message posted at 09/30/2007, 15:12:35 PM by Sebcz:
Yes, it is based on comments a photo has. When you use a photo as the means of talking to another members, it's picked up by the system.

So there you have it!

Here's my first ever members' choice, it's when I learned about this whole thing :)

Comments (23)

Posted by Rosedarc on March 23, 2012
Thanks Eliane, I had guessed that's how it works, but it's nice to get it confirmed from the "horse's mouth". Lovely cat :-)
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 19, 2012
For those who asked how many comments it takes, I have this one being a current members' choice: it has 5 comments!
 Traditional Lebanese Food 
Posted by Serjedi on March 13, 2012
Congratulations.. Well done.. Thanks for sharing.. :-)
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 12, 2012
@Elyrae: Lol :D Well its' the concept that if a photo gets comments, it's popular. The comments should ideally be about the photo, how nice it is, etc. ==> chosen by members to be singled out :P
Posted by Elyrae on March 11, 2012
I LOVE the photo but still have not quite understood what the "member choice" is about LOL
Posted by Martingraf on March 11, 2012
I was asking myself the same question and you answered it for me - so yes, many thanks ;)
Posted by Franciscah on March 10, 2012
Very useful information Eliene and beautiful photo!
Posted by Moremelh on March 10, 2012
Something new learned & hi to that kitten!
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 10, 2012
Thanks for those who clicked "useful", just saw the number!!
@Rcerruti: you have great new additions to your portfolio :) You're right: people may start conversations on the photo & it becomes "members' choice", not fair!
@Calyx22: No you don't get a notification message, another member told me - that's how I saw my photo there! No idea how many comments it takes my friend :)
My cat says thanks for all who found her beautiful :P
Posted by Friday123 on March 09, 2012
Useful information and beautiful kitten. :-)
Posted by Rcerruti on March 09, 2012
Most beautiful shot of a beautiful cat. And useful information too, also it seems not a very pertinent way of choosing images.
Posted by Giannit on March 09, 2012
beautiful shot....
Posted by Calyx22 on March 09, 2012
Once again, something I didn't know, my friend! How many comments does it take? And do you get a message saying it's been voted a favorite?
Posted by Egomezta on March 07, 2012
It is good to know,, Great image...
Posted by smartview27 on March 07, 2012
Beautiful cat !
Posted by Kharyadi on March 07, 2012
Thanks for the information Eliane. I have no idea about that before.
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 07, 2012
Hehe I wish, my cat is not used to children. She's terrified of them!
Posted by Peanutroaster on March 07, 2012
Perhaps a child arm sticking out of the Giant cat's mouth? jokin' - could not resist. ;-)
Posted by Kphotos6411 on March 07, 2012
Thanks for the info. Should increase traffic on blogs. ;) Too bad you did not have a child in this photo. You could have won the Assignment contest this month.
Posted by Teabum on March 07, 2012
Cool, thanks for the info. Nice cat :)
Posted by Mariaam on March 07, 2012
Thanks for the info! It´s a lovely cat :))
Posted by Friday123 on March 07, 2012
This is useful information, thanks. :)
Posted by Photosdl on March 07, 2012
thanks for the information and nice photo :)

Comments (23)

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Photo credits: Eliane Haykal.
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