Primary and Secondary Games

posted on 2nd of june, 2012

A long time did not write the BLOG. This Sunday, I think I'll write about it, to introduce this time I took photos.Spring is the season of life blooming, the flowers bloom.There are a lot of social events, festivals.To photography to record these wonderful is a happy thing.
I introduced a few primary and secondary Games photos.The children are very invested effort and hard work, regardless of the final results, such a positive spirit I was very impressed.I hope you will like them.

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Posted by Jianbinglee on June 07, 2012
Hello, lee! My friend, I has been very concerned about the your portfolio, and in learning to you. Learn what you shoot? How to shoot? You are a prolific photographer, has lots of photos taken, I can not do. We still have to put in more efforts.

We kind of trees and flowers are known as Begonia. May not necessarily right, I went to look it up, so that consistent name. I thank my friend pointed out my mistake! Thank you for your encouragement and support!
Posted by Jianbinglee on June 07, 2012
Thanks Giannit!
Posted by Leesniderphotoimages on June 07, 2012
Hen piao liang hua. I especially love the peonies. Please note, the flowers in photo #4 are not BEGONIAS. Begonias do NOT grow on trees, the are
annuals that grow very low to the ground with waxy green leaves. I cannot
discern what those flowers are because the photo is just too small.
Posted by Leesniderphotoimages on June 07, 2012
Ni hao wo de peng you,

Really fine photos - you have captured the intensity and action of the Chinese students beautifully. Good work!!!!! Hen hao.

Posted by Giannit on June 06, 2012
Nice shots.... nice collection.... congratulations.
Posted by Jianbinglee on June 06, 2012
Thanks FabioConcetta 、Clearvista and Egomezta reply and encouragement!
I would like to continue efforts to shoot better pictures!
Posted by Egomezta on June 04, 2012
Your images are amazing good luck.
Posted by Clearvista on June 03, 2012
Great subject, you can see the wonderful youthful spirit in your fantastic images.
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 02, 2012
Beautiful images, is a very great work, well done!

Comments (9)

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Photo credits: Jianbinglee.
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