Canon EOS M - Who's getting one?

posted on 23rd of july, 2012

It's finally announced and looks very promising. I've been shooting a digital Rebel XT for awhile and always thought to upgrade to a 5D but since my son's arrival, I've been looking for a camera at is smaller but would still deliver the same quality as full fledged dSLRs. My Sony NEX3 doing give the same level of quality I wanted. This newly announced EOS M seems like the answer. Anyone else thinking about getting this?

Below is the new commercial.

EOS M commercial

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Posted by Retina2020 on July 28, 2012
Thanks for the info Brad. After looking more into the OM-D, definitely a camera worth considering. It comes down to whether I would select it as my main camera to reduce size of package since I would need to switch into a new system or pick EOS-M as an adjunct to my current Canon system but sacrificing a lot of the features of a dSLR. If I didn't already have a Canon system, without a doubt I would probably pick the OM-D. I'll have to see. Thanks again.
Posted by Dark3y3s on July 26, 2012
Me, me, me! I love how it looks and it would fit so well in a travelling bag, instead of my bulky body camera + lens. I just wish I'll have the money to buy it :D
Posted by Bradcalkins on July 25, 2012
I pretty much shoot with just the 25mm f/1.4 and 45mm f/1.8 (50mm and 90mm equivalents). I also have a 14mm prime that is so tiny I bring it with me, but it doesn't get nearly as much use as the others.
Posted by Retina2020 on July 25, 2012
Thanks a lot Bradcalkins for the info. I'm definitely looking to develop a smaller package without sacrificing quality and have great video capabilities since my son was born. I was hoping my NEX3 would be the solution but it failed unfortunately and Sony doesn't seem to be interested in making more lenses for that format. The olympus system seems very good but it does mean I would end up duplicating lenses with my current canon system unless I sell my lenses. So the new EOS M seems very interesting to me and even more so if Canon will make more EF-M lenses in the future. What primes are satisfying your needs with the olympus? Cheers and thanks again.
Posted by Bradcalkins on July 23, 2012
I've got an Olympus OM-D E-M5 and a bunch of primes. I just found that I had several uses for my camera gear. I used my Canon dSLR and macro for most stock work. I used a micro four thirds body for travel photography, video, and so on. When a few fast primes became available for micro four thirds I realized it was basically as good quality wise if I used the primes as long as I wasn't willing to go full frame with Canon. The OM-D also has the grip which allows it to be my 'big' camera as well as my 'small' camera. So now I'm down to one system with money left over in my pocket... Bottom line I found I used the smaller system a lot, and didn't see going any further with duplicating lenses for each system. I love having one camera now for everything I do. I'm getting shallow depth of field with it because I shoot with fast primes. I also really like how the video and stills are so integrated. Both in either viewfinder or LCD, both use the same focusing methods, etc. I'm taking...(More)
Posted by Retina2020 on July 23, 2012
Thanks for the info. I am currently using my EF85 1.8 with an adaptor with my NEX3 for the video capabilities. However need to do manual focus. The WB on the NEX is awful. I need to do a lot more post processing then with my Canon. Way did you get rid of all your canon stuff. What are you shooting now?
Posted by Bradcalkins on July 23, 2012
Not me. I sold all my Canon stuff, and the arrival of the EOS M doesn't make me regret it. I think it will be a great addition to Canon's lineup for anyone shooting with a dSLR as well, but if you want the mirrorless to be your onlysystem it will be a hodge podge of stuff with adapted full frame lenses, etc... In the end it still makes almost as much sense to get a Panasonic GX1, Sony NEX or Olympus E-P3. Any of those choices are much more controllable with dials and have an optional viewfinder. The Canon only gains you the ability to adapt existing lenses - which most people seem very unlikely to do other than as a novelty...

Comments (7)

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