Dreamstime can transform your life.

posted on 4th of january, 2012
Dreamstime can transform your life is a bold claim to make but can be easily substantiated. How ?
Well once you have had an image accepted you read the blogs and everyone says increasing sales figures needs a decent sized portfolio so buyers have a good chance of finding your images. So your motivation is to attend every event going and however difficult always to have your camera, lens and tripod close at hand.
At new year it was cold and damp but I felt compelled to attend the Inverness City Council party at which there was lots of activities including entertainment with fire and fireworks by the group Flyagaric.
During various visits to the Shopping Centre for Christmas presents I saw a fund raising event, a Carolthong, by Inverness Choral Society and...

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Posted by Inyrdreams on September 18, 2012
oh yes! I love this blog... and the same thing has happened to me and my guy. we met on line and he was coming out of a 3 year depression where he just could not get off the couch. But me and my camera had to go go go for dreamstime, and we have found ourselves going to places and events we never would have thought to go. But I still have to work on him.... a few weeks ago, as we sat watching a huge thunder storm, a nearby business was struck by lightening and burned. I could hear sirens, smell smoke and ran for my camera and he would not let me go! probably for the best, but isnt this so much fun????
Posted by Junpinzon on January 09, 2012
thanks for sharing! very inspiring!
Posted by Scottysally2 on January 07, 2012
Great blog David, and wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Tragic accident with cruise ship off Italian Coast.

posted on 16th of january, 2012
We are all now aware of the tragic accident last Friday to the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship with about 4000 passengers on board , off the coast in Italy.
There must be a demand for images of that ship prior to the accident.
I knew I had images of cruise ships anchored off the Greek Island of Santorini but upon searching my portfolio I could only come up with Costa Fortuna presumably a sister ship of Costa Concordia. Interestingly this picture shows just how much superstructure there is above the deck a subject of current discussion by investigators and news commentators.

I have a few other images of cruise ships but for me this is a lesson on how we should be on the look out for editorial images especially while on holidays. These images of other boats shown below were...

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Posted by Banol2007 on January 17, 2012
Several times I have seen this extremely beautiful ship with the happy passengers on it. Arriving or departure was really breath taking scene! Very..very …sad…
Posted by Lejoch on January 17, 2012
(Click on "le 50 foto simbolo")

On this site (in Italian) there are some photos of the tragic accident.
I lived and worked in Giglio Island for two years and looking at them is really terrible for me.
Posted by Francy874 on January 17, 2012
It was a tragic accident caused by a failure of the captain of the ship...
There is a collection managed by Nikitu with Costa Concordia images here:Costa Concordia

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