My New Collections

posted on 12th of january, 2012
Hello, I would like to introduce my new collections, hope you like them.

Famous Brands

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Posted by Dash76 on June 01, 2012
Could you please add these to your arrchtecture collection:
Posted by Nero67 on January 14, 2012
Beautiful collections!!!
Posted by Calyx22 on January 14, 2012
Those are very nice collections. I hope that they sell well for you. You should really consider adding more images from other users into them, then they can become a public, managed collection and might get more views and thus sales, from doing so. Good luck with them!

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Smoking Facts

posted on 23rd of january, 2012
>Here are a few facts about smoking that can really make you think again before smoking another cigar:

- israeli researchers discovered that besides lungs and cardiac problems the smoking can give, smoking also reduces IQ. The tests showed that people that smoke one cigarette pack per day has the IQ lower with 8 points that one who dosen't smoke.

- smoking women have 25% more chances of cardiac problems than men.

- When someone smokes, it inhales almost 4000 substances (80 of them are cancer triggers). Smoking modifies the whole DNA, it affects almost 323 genes. At every 15 smoked cigarettes one mutation appears.

- Smoking increases the suicidal rates. People who smoke more than 20 cigars per day are more likely to suicide themselves.

- Smoking over 40 cigarettes per day increases the chances...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on January 23, 2012
Plus kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray or at least that is what I've heard.
Posted by Zenpix on January 23, 2012
I need a smoke
Posted by Risto40 on January 23, 2012
yes yes, smoking is bad. I've never tried and don't want to. It not only kills your health, but it also takes your money.
 Ashtray and cigarette ends   Smoky skull above an ashtray 

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